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Blitzscaling into 'Digital Next' World

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5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Connected World, Customer Experience, Digital Ecosystems, Digital Transformation

Unleash Innovation and Scale Future Businesses with Next-gen Digital Experiences

Looking back a decade ago - Android OS went mainstream, SAMSUNG Galaxy smartphones series was launched, Twitter conquered the world, “Bitcoin” was born, 4G power was released, and malicious worm called ‘Stuxnet’ was changing the rules of cybersecurity. Today, the value of these innovations is being realized, but in the moment, their significance seems less clear. Many businesses gained competitive advantage by adopting innovations and trends that were already underway. This reactive approach doesn’t work anymore. To stay ahead, businesses need to be innovative, define their ambitions for the future, and build confidence to step into the ‘NEXT’ of digital.

Today, in some way, every company is a technology company, there could not be a more opportune time to make your mark in your industry, and an entire world of possibility awaits with the digital next.

Confluence of Technologies

Any pursuit of tomorrow’s breakthrough solution should start from today’s technical realities. Connected, contextual and conversational technologies have proven to be the essential macros of digital transformation. Simply because analytics, IoT, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, cloud, core modernization, business of technology and cyber security—are no longer novel doesn’t mean they are not important anymore. One of the key challenge's technology and business leaders have now is how to harness the value these technologies to deliver the next-gen technologies.

For example, the factory of the future needs to combine technologies like cloud, IoT, AI, AR, predictive maintenance, secure networks and more to generate more reasonable manufacturing planning and controlled production thereby helping to achieve smart manufacturing. With convergence and innovation, these technologies will likely dominate business, and markets more so than they would in silos.

HARMAN’s smart manufacturing solution intelligently integrates and optimizes the manufacturing processes from product design and planning to manufacturing and implementation by converging today’s technologies with the next-gen tech like Digital Twin. 

Experience Intelligence

The boundaries between humans and computers are thinning with emerging technologies and the farfetched is turning into reality with the rise of intelligent interfaces. These interfaces combine the latest in human-centric design techniques with leading-edge technologies such as AI/ML, robotics, IoT, contextual awareness, and advanced digital reality. Working in union, these capabilities are transforming the way we engage with devices, data, and each other.
For example, just by using cameras, sensors, smart speaker and digital voice assistant (Bixby/ Alexa), activity level, health and well-being of the elderly at home can be monitored remotely, without being intrusive. Data analytics and AI/ML is used to sense emergencies; raise alarm and alert the near-and-dear ones. With advancements in wearable technology, in not-too-distant future, non-intrusive, well-being assessments can be done continuously to detect any irregularities in heart, blood sugar, and stress levels and auto-alerts can be sent to emergency medical units along with their family members.
Currently, voice use cases are proliferating across industries, efforts are being made to deliver micro-personalized experience across products and services. One such use-case is by MSC cruises. Early 2018, they introduced industry-first voice-enabled cruise personal assistant to help serve the needs of cruise guests. 
Evidently, conversational technologies are currently dominating the intelligent interfaces arena. Soon, evolution will gift other capabilities such as computer vision, gesture control devices, embedded eye-tracking platforms, bio-acoustic sensing, emotion detection/recognition technology, muscle-computer interfaces, brain-controlled interfaces, exoskeleton analysis, volumetric displays, spatial computing, and electro-vibration sensing.
Any intelligent interface initiative involves underlying technologies to bring it to life. As the complexities of these experiences evolve, developing the supporting infrastructure required to harvest, analyze, and disseminate infinite data from more input sources will make or break experiences. If you are not already exploring the role that voice, vision, and other emerging interfaces will play in your company’s future, you are already late to the game. 
Future of Connectivity
Networking has been a key pillar that has dwelled in the shadows of the high-profile transformative enterprise technologies. Though networking is mission-critical, is not particularly awesome. This is about to change! Proliferation of millions of mobile devices, sensors, serverless computing, exploding volumes of shared data, and automation all require advanced connectivity and reliable networking. Connectivity is soon becoming a cornerstone of digital business.
The development of 5G wireless networks represents a paradigm shift in the future of connectivity. 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G, connect 100 times more devices, and be more responsive than the world’s current wireless networks. The ability to fully connect everyone and everything – phones, houses, vehicles and more – will enable truly smart cities and produce amazing breakthroughs across all industries. For example, in medical emergencies like stroke or cardiac arrest, delivering medical care at speed becomes critical. 5G coupled with mobile edge computing enables medics to respond in real time to cardiac arrest victims for providing defibrillation using AEDs( Automated External Defibrillator).
It is remarkable, to witness how businesses across sectors and regions have navigated from ‘so what’ to ‘what next’ trends to successfully shape the future of digital landscape. In case you are looking forward to explore the digital next solutions that can help you grow and innovate first hand, feel free to reach out to us here or on Linkedin or Twitter.