As Harman designs products and solutions for the future, technology features emphasize, personalization and connectedness.You will have the opportunity to view IoT solutions from Harman on display at the Digital Transformation suite within the HARMAN Innovation Showcase on the sidelines of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 2018 in Las Vegas - one of the world's largest tech conferences. The display will offer digital transformation experience ranging from audio lifestyle to retail and to hospitality.


Here are five solutions from HARMAN which help to underscore the role of IoT innovation at the convergence of design, engineering, and device management.



1. HARMAN Kardon Invoke – Turning Tasks into Simple Voice Actions


To drive superior customer interactions and embed human touch in digital consumer devices, HARMAN Kardon Invoke - an intelligent personal assistant with HARMAN Kardon audio acts as a smart-home hub powered by Microsoft’s Cortana. The virtual assistant is a convenient way to get direction, play music, manage calendars, set reminders, make hands-free calls, and more. It allows you to carry out daily tasks with simple voice commands effortlessly. With the embedded over-the-air (OTA) functionality, the most recent firmware can be uploaded to the device seamlessly to keep it current and relevant. And the engineering and design features emphasize groundbreaking innovation behind the scenes in smart speaker technology. 


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2. JBL Link – Your Personal Digital Assistant 


Having the ability to recognize voice instructions and search terms to offer users relevant information, JBL Link provides an immersive experience with JBL sound and built-in Google Assistant. This hands-free, voice-activated, portable speaker is available in three models, the LINK 10, LINK 20, and LINK 300. Compatible with various third party smart-home devices, this virtual assistant can effortlessly control other smart devices, stream music, answer questions, and schedule activities. The solution also includes OTA capabilities. Users get instant access to the latest features, all without being inconvenienced with having to upgrade themselves.


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To keep up with our innovation cycle and customer-first standards, we deliver our regular software and firmware updates the Over-The-Air (OTA).



3. Under Armour Sport Wireless Wearables


Tapping into personalized insights, interconnected wellness experiences, and predictive analytics, HARMAN's wearable health technology is dedicated to helping individuals’ live smarter lives. HARMAN’s Under Armour Sport wireless wearable engineered by JBL and tested by athletes is sweat-proof, durable, and convenient. It helps in tracking activity, optimizing workouts, and providing in-ear heart rate and custom coaching sessions. HARMAN developed an end-to-end custom, insight-driven design interface - a Tizen application that syncs real-time data, analyses the information, and displays it in a simplistic, precise and quick manner. 


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4. Connected Retail Solutions - Reimaging Consumer Shopping Experiences


HARMAN Connected Services omnichannel systems of engagement and robust product development services ensure better design for experience, enhances in-store operations and identifies new sales opportunities. Our in-store analytics services that leverage real-time consumer data expands a retailer’s capacity for foresight, enabling the development of entirely new, data-driven marketing strategies.


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5. Connected Hospitality Solutions – Pushing Boundaries of Guest Expectations


Combining the latest advancements in technology and design, HARMAN is helping the hospitality industry offer digitally-powered unified guest experiences. Adopting intelligent sensor technology and using cognitive intelligence to understand guest data better, enables providers to design insight-driven personalized solutions, enhancing the overall hotel experience.


Raising the digital bar on the inside, the solutions not only meet customers’ digital expectations and improve their in-hotel experience but also help hotels extend their digital capabilities and transform. 


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Join us at CES 2018, Las Vegas, and visit our showcase at the Hard Rock Hotel anytime between Monday, January 8th and Thursday, January 11th from 8 AM to 6 PM (except 4 PM on Thursday) to design and engineering services, involved with creating such products. If you would like additional information or like to schedule a walkthrough, please feel free to contact us.​