The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and shifting to digitally-enabled, consumer-centered healthcare models that ensure sustainability and growth.  HARMAN understands the changing needs of the business. Banking on its strong technology and analytical capabilities HARMAN is working closely with stakeholders across the healthcare continuum - Payers, Providers, Device and Pharmaceutical companies - digitizing and adapting to dynamic market conditions and consumer demands.
HARMAN’s powerful solutions enable its customers to tackle this paradigm shift effectively. Our solutions range from remote care monitoring, elderly care, corporate wellness, resource and revenue optimization, etc.  We also provide comprehensive and robust support across the technology value chain ranging from modernization of legacy systems, new product development and launch to operational optimization. Our offerings recognize the need to continuously evolve business models, build new age health sensor ecosystems and use insights based on advanced data analytics.
Our offerings portfolio helps businesses improve process efficiencies, monetize new opportunities, and drive superior outcomes.


HARMAN enables healthcare stakeholders across the care continuum to develop patient-centric connected care solution that improves efficiency, reduce the operational cost and improve patient satisfaction. Our aim is to leverage the state of the art technology solutions to make healthcare ecosystem lean, efficient and personalized. Our deep expertise of modern tools powered by AI, ML, and other advanced analytics tools enables us to offer high user-centric, scalable and reliable solutions. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing seamlessly rich experience.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry is transforming at a rapid pace due to changing user expectations such as consumerization and industrialization. They are faced with the challenge of continually innovating and modernizing their existing products while bringing down the operations and product innovation costs. HARMAN with its product engineering capabilities is the partner of choice for many medical device companies.

Our Solutions –

-        System Engineering

-        Connected Devices & Asset Tracking

-        Modernization & Interoperability

-        IoT Test Harness & Predictive Maintenance

-        New Business Model Enablement

Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical companies are facing multiple challenges with high customer expectations, changing regulatory requirements, and rising costs of launching new drugs in the market. HARMAN offers connected solutions for the life sciences industry by leveraging appropriate digital technology to enable faster time-to-market and lower drug delivery costs that conform to the regulatory requirements.

Our Solutions –

-        Digital Clinical Trials

-        Health Intelligence & Analytics

-        Patient engagement

-        Operational Improvement

Software ISVs

An intensely competitive environment is necessitating a need to have rapid releases, modernize existing infrastructure, and reduce costs while conforming to the regulatory norms and ensuring data privacy and security. HARMAN provides domain consulting, product innovation & modernization, and digital transformation services to its customers to enable personalized solutions.

Our Solutions –

-        Devops powered rapid innovation and release

-        Product Engineering

-        Platform modernization

-        User Experience Management

-        Interoperability


HARMAN provides connected solutions to providers leveraging IoT, AI/ML and analytics to enable population health management and provide value-based care. Through our solutions, we help providers to take care outside the walls of the hospitals, while providing the convenience of engagement to patients by eliminating unnecessary hospital visits.

Our Solutions –

-        Care Anywhere

-        Elderly Care Solutions

-        Revenue Cycle Management

-        Analytics-driven population health management

-        Connected Care Platform


The cost of providing healthcare is increasing with the growing elderly population, chronic diseases. The shift in value-based care is paving the way to build new business models. HARMAN provides solutions to payers in order to enable new business models based on value-based care. In addition to it, we offer core insurance solutions focused on reducing overheads, and optimizing the claims management.

Our Solutions –

-        Remote Care

-        Corporate wellness

-        Risk Stratification

-        Elderly Care Solutions

-        Connected Care Platform

-        Preventive care


World Class Platform and Product Engineering

HARMAN provides end-to-end Development & Digital services to our healthcare clients. Our key capabilities include Products and Platform Development, Continuous Product Engineering, Obsolescence Management, Edge Analytics & Voice Enablement, Application Development, Wireless enabled hardware design, Firmware, Embedded Software, Embedded Security. Using these capabilities, we have built a range of platforms and products for our clients across the healthcare value chain. 
This includes digital pathology products for tissue diagnosis in the Oncology space for a medical devices company, Hospital information management systems, EHR/EMR and patient engagement platform for providers, Population health management platform catering to thousands of hospitals across the US and a medication adherence gamification platform that is gaining increasing acceptance among big pharma players.

Best-in-Class Sensor to Cloud Capability

HARMAN is focused on the Healthcare IoT space with a unique and proven ability to seamlessly connect critical healthcare sensors to the cloud for important lifesaving use cases.
With a wide range of customers, we are adept at sensor integrations, end to end security compliances, short-range wireless communication, cellular communication, edge analytics, device management, and provisioning, gateway and data aggregation, end to end product development, data integration, and analytics.
Some prominent examples include remote senior care and monitoring using home-based sensor devices, stress monitoring using wearable devices and a groundbreaking digital pill solution that is transforming the pharmaceutical industry.

Redefining Advanced Data Analytics

Using our advanced analytics suite, HARMAN offers comprehensive insight and analytics-driven services for commercial effectiveness, disease analytics, clinical insights, and device data insights. Over the years, we have cultivated powerful capabilities in big data, data streaming, data ingestion and integration, data modeling, statistical modeling, data science, visualization, and reporting.

As a backbone for infomediaries processing and analyzing extensive data, we provide world-class capabilities to make sense of complex healthcare data. We carry wide-ranging insights across various types of healthcare data sources including Claims, EMR/EHR, Affiliations etc

Our clients rely on us to address a variety of requirements including Claims Analytics, Commercial Effectiveness, Patient Journey and Medication Adherence. Our healthcare provider and payer clients have gained from our specialized skills in population health management, financial management, and risk stratification services.




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