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Experience the Next Wave of Connected Life at MWC 2018

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Focused on pioneering high-impact technologies, we will be steering innovation with industry-leading solutions that will transform businesses to become COGNITIVE, CONVERSATIONAL, and CONNECTED.

HARMAN Connected Services will introduce the latest innovations that influence and advance human experience at Mobile World Congress 2018. Pushing the boundaries of innovation and building contextual connected experiences, we are taking this opportunity to showcase how we envision and define a connected future.


Together with Samsung, we are modernizing systems, redesigning business processes, and architecting personalized experiences – designing the most intuitive and immersive interactions with next-generation technology. 


Leading the connected technology revolution, our showcase this year will be packed with innovative technologies, discussions with experts, and exchanges of experiences. 


Here are some of the most interesting developments you can experience:


Smart IoT Solutions


IoT is no more a futuristic technology, it is here and working wonders for our partners in realizing its real potential. Our Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Retail Internet of Things will display various real-world solutions deployed across the globe. What’s more? You can witness how all connected mobile devices, linked applications, and their users are managed and monitored from a single, universal console.






HARMAN Ignite is an end-to-end automotive cloud platform that intelligently delivers personal content in any vehicle. It uses our world-renowned Over-the-Air (OTA) solution that is currently deployed on over 25-million vehicles. Also, empowering intelligent gadgets to evolve continually, HARMAN’s OTA update solution has been adopted in over 2-billion devices to provide high-quality support




Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)


Our AI & AR showcase consists everything from voice-enabled digital assistants to exciting augmented reality experiences. Using advanced recognition algorithm, an augmented aquarium app detects 50 animal classes with an accuracy of 90%. You have to come to experience the demo of a voice bot that is ready to answer all your queries in an instance.


Voice-Enabled systems


Voice-enabled systems such as HARMAN Kardon Invoke have been transforming living spaces. Our Video Content Management (VCM) solution have helped end users to record meetings, create live webcasts, and much more. To assist users in staying connected on the move, we also have HARMAN Simpli-Fi and a customer service help desk. 



Partner Showcase


Backed by Samsung ARTIK, SmartThings Cloud, and data solutions, we are designing systems to provide guests with unprecedented levels of control and personalization. We will be displaying several innovations that we have created along with our partners at our booth, which you don’t want to miss. 


Join us in Barcelona from 26th February to 1st March and visit our booth #2L20 in Hall 2. We will make sure that the time you spend at our booth will be most memorable and valuable of your entire MWC experience.  


Register here to schedule a private tour – See you there!​