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HARMAN and Microsoft deliver AI solutions to the aviation and airlines industry

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HARMAN continues to align with key partners to help our joint customers achieve desired critical business outcomes, whether those be tied to driving seamless customer experiences, increasing worker and staff productivity, achieving cost efficiencies by optimizing process or maximizing new tech investments to help ensure competitive advantage.

​​​​​​One example of this is our ongoing work with Microsoft in transforming airline operations, which has been highlighted in a recently published Microsoft blog article. The article showcases how Microsoft in working with HARMAN is using artificial intelligence (AI) integration and Microsoft Teams to empower gate staff to “distill critical information quickly and make informed decisions in real time."

Additionally, HARMAN has worked in building solutions around Microsoft Teams. In 2020, HARMAN released an article focused on first-line workers and how automation helps collaboration across disparate teams. There is also an existing airlines case study that details the application developed by HARMAN, with Microsoft acting as a the systems integrator, which provides a common platform for all key stakeholders – full-time employees, ground staff and third-party vendors. The unified systems allow receipts of real-time feeds from airlines' APIs to keep the dashboard's operational data current.

HARMAN has also supported the travel and transportation industry through the deployment of other technologies. For one of the world's busiest airports, the company built an efficient private network that helped streamline operations and logistics processes, reduce operational costs, improve safety and security using AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things. All to enhance a passenger's airport experiences.

We urge you to review all the assets mentioned above, especially our work with Microsoft on this new Turn of the Gate solution since it now allows the airline industry to harness the power of generative AI to “improve flight operations through GPT in a Box" and help in the delivery of content generation and semantic search.

For more information, please visit services.harman.com for more information about our Microsoft relationship as well as our solutions focused on AI, including generative AI and ChatGPT.​​​