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HARMAN Connected Services recognized as an ‘Innovator’ in Avasant’s Internet of Things Services RadarView™ 2020

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We are connecting people, processes, technologies and devices; creating remarkable, contextual surroundings and workspaces by utilizing our market-proven solutions, IPs and accelerators.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For many years HARMAN has been offering IoT solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, media, retail and consumer device markets to accelerate IoT platform development. Through its Connected Services division, HARMAN provides software engineering and integration services that help businesses rapidly design and develop products and technologies at the convergence of device, sensors, cloud and data. This year, Avasant’s Internet of Things Services RadarView™ 2020 report positioned HARMAN Connected Services as an ‘Innovator’ recognizing our mature capabilities and innovations in IoT services for our customers (and our customers’ customers) across verticals.

Avasant’s Internet of Things Services RadarView™ 2020, a pioneering market assessment report that recognizes the top 24 providers for Internet of Things (IoT) Services. The assessment is carried through a rigorous methodology across key dimensions of Practice Maturity, Investments and Innovation, and Industry Development to finally recognize the service providers that brought the most value to the market over the last 12 months.

Leveraging Samsung and HARMAN synergies, we have been able to extend our IoT service offerings to meet a wide variety of customer needs. We’ve helped our customers create new age products by effectively leveraging our expertise in next gen. technologies like IoT, 5G, AR/VR, Cloud, NLP and AI/ML thereby enabling them to explore new revenue streams. We have delivered many industry-leading solutions like – Smart IoT deployments across verticals, eSIM Management, Smart Femto Cell & LTE UE Relay, Smart 5G CPE, AI enabled Remote Care Platform, Digital Voice Assistant solutions, World’s #1 Over the Air update solution, AR/VR Platform, Smart Devices (IoT Gateways, LTE drone, Wearables, Sport & Fitness Gears), etc.

Some of our achievements that contributed to our recognition:

The World’s First Smart Home Small Cell Solution

The Sprint Magic Box TREBL is a completely wireless small cell that equips Sprint customers with enhanced LTE data coverage for speed-boosting capabilities, helping to ensure every part of a connected home can run smoothly and seamlessly. Sprint Magic Box TREBL also integrates personal voice assistants and control of smart home devices via the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. On top of its smart capabilities, the device delivers incredible sound quality powered by Harman Kardon audio 2x8 Watt speakers, an embedded amplifier, far field microphones, and noise and echo cancellation. HARMAN helps produce completely integrated solutions like the Sprint Magic Box TREBL to power the next phase of digital experience. Sprint Magic Box TREBL is a winner of CES 2019 Innovations Awards, Small Cell Forum 2019 Judges Choice Award and earned nomination for best connected consumer device Award at Mobile World Congress 2019. To view the press release, click here.

​The World’s First Digital License Plate

Reviver’s Rplate transforms the 125-year old stamped metal license plate into a sleek, digital, high-definition display, offering a connected car platform to simplify daily life, with vast potential for future innovation. The new safety and security software being developed with HARMAN for the Rplate App, will enable multiple features that take the in-car security beyond old school, lo-jack technology. This includes stolen vehicle and detached plate information, early theft warnings, real-time vehicle tampering/side swipe alerts, stolen vehicle recovery, crash detection, speeding alerts, car location – from parking lot to breakdown information - and much more including voice integration. To view the press release, click here

The World’s First Digital Concierge for Cruises

MSC Zoe, a 24/7 virtual personal cruise assistant designed to provide guests with the flexibility to communicate and discover information right from the comfort of their smart cabins. Thereby, saving time and allowing them to make the most of their cruise experience. This is truly the result of a deep collaboration founded on a joint vision of HARMAN and MSC Cruises to shape the future of the cruise industry through the introduction of next-gen technologies. We are offering an experience that cannot be found anywhere else, pushing the boundaries of technology, and delivering a personalized guest experience like never before. To view the press release, click here​

The Most Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring and Elderly Care platform

To help ease the healthcare burden on all stakeholders including patients, providers, payers as well as regulatory bodies, HARMAN engineered a comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution - HARMAN RCP(Remote Care Platform). This solution enables care service providers to securely access patient health data by connecting a wide array of medical and non-medical devices. HARMAN RCP builds on Intel powered platform for remote patient monitoring allowing healthcare providers to leverage data cohesively across multiple use cases - Patient Care Services, Chronic Disease Management, Aging-with-Independence needs and identifying insights for patient health programs. To view the press release, click here​

One-Of-Its-Kind Digital Therapeutic Platform for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

According to CDC, ASD affects both adolescents and adults and an estimated 1 in 54 children in the United States today have ASD. Currently, there are no FDA approved pharmacological therapeutics available to treat ASD. Roche’s digital therapeutic platform leverages HARMAN’s expertise in Consumer, Healthcare, Audio & Visual products, and immersive & individualized user experiences by bringing to market consumer technologies tailored to the personalized healthcare industry creating a connected and seamless patient journey. In addition, HARMAN technology adheres to Quality Management System defined in accordance to ISO-13485, as well as HIPAA-compliance framework across development, ensuring integrity to protect patient’s sensitive data and ensuring integrity across clinical workflow of patient care. To view the press release, click here​

We at HARMAN are excited to be driving our innovation agenda to help our customers capitalize on the immense ability to engage, empower and elevate their business. To learn more about our innovations across industries, visit the HARMAN Connect​ed Services site or email us.

Click ​here to access Avasant Internet of Things Services RadarView™ 2020 full report.