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HARMAN leads the pack in IoT Services, yet again!

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The Zinnov Zones 2017 Report For IoT Services was released in August and establishes HARMAN as an undisputed leader for two years in a row.

​​​​A company sold fertilizers for 50 years. It is only when it started working with HARMAN 5 years ago, that it realized the possibilities of using sensors to capture soil data and build insights that could help farmers maximize yield given the seasonal forecasts. That initiated digital transformation for a fertilizer company which reinvented itself into a yield management company. Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled such business transformation in organizations across various industries by building innovation into products and processes.

Digital transformation enabled through IoT has also spawned an industry around smart retail, connected car, smart manufacturing, smart buildings, smart agriculture and smart cities. Technology services providers act as catalysts to facilitate transformation across industries. Zinnov evaluates the performance and capabilities of leading technology companies providing IoT services globally.  According to the report, HARMAN International – a Samsung company – has topped its industry peers in IoT for the second consecutive year.

Click here to view our full press release.

Zinnov, a management consulting firm, reviewed IoT capabilities of 24 service providers across consulting, system integration, managed services, big data, communications, analytics services, sensors and devices, and platform and application competency. 

The Zinnov Zones report also discusses the global IoT spend growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18%. From a current $140 billion a year, the spending on IoT is expected to increase upto $320 billion by 2022. Zinnov also estimates that the global IoT services spend will grow from $78 billion in 2017 to $190 billion in 2022.

View the comprehensive slide deck here.

Many organizations who are in the pursuit of building robust end-to-end IoT capabilities, are in fact more closer to building newer business models. With a single view of customer operations and real-time visualizations, organizations should leverage predictive insights to find better ways to do business and newer revenue streams.

HARMAN is a leading partner in IoT for major players in the industry such as Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel, VMware, Entrust Datacard and IBM. Recently, we partnered with Microsoft to envision futuristic smart airports and make them a reality. Productivity scenarios ranging from improving security to turning around aircrafts on time have been announced. For instance, in responding to a sudden gate change, airport operations could use an IoT-enabled solutions to notify ground staff and airport officials - on their wearables and smartphones - in real-time on lead times and coordinates to help improve service and avoid flight delays.

The breadth of IoT expertise at HARMAN is quarterbacked by its Connected Services division. Deploying product management approaches and investing in shared intellectual property, the Connected Services division brings digital transformation solutions and shared experiences across all HARMAN customers. The IoT portfolio at HARMAN includes offerings such as IoT security, device and endpoint management, over-the-air updates, IoT platforms, IoT analytics, cognitive (AI) IoT, predictive maintenance, and usability design. ​