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Priyesha Kapadia who is new to HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions has this to say about her experiences.

"I joined HARMAN this past April. As a part of the Research and Development team, my day starts with purpose and drive as I perform key research tasks. I collaborate closely with the extended team, discussing key projects, sharing ideas and providing feedback based on my research findings. I also perform hands-on work, conducting experiments and performing analysis on my findings. 


Part of my role is to work on cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI. These extraordinary assignments enable me into advancements currently taking place in technology. HARMAN has a strong commitment to fostering innovation, which allows all of us to actively push boundaries as we apply our skills and thinking across projects. I offer a big ‘shout out’ to the leaders and teammates I get to work with as they are so supportive in helping me expand and heighten my skills. My manager and mentor, Ashutosh Vyas, is a patient leader who is always approachable with a willingness to invest his valuable time in helping me succeed.


A future at HARMAN is full of potential and exciting opportunities. With innovative solutions, a global presence and a commitment to excellence, HARMAN offers a platform to thrive and make a significant impact. I am excited to be part of an organization that fosters innovation and growth!


Looking to make a difference and propel your career forward? Look no further than HARMAN. I can’t wait for you to join us."


Reeya Bhandiye recently joined HARMAN and shares her story.

"Just a few short months ago, I started my internship at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions. I currently am developing a new solution for generating synthetic data and annotating data using generative models. This allows me to work with Director of Software Engineering, Kaushlesh Kumar who provides me with constant guidance and positive feedback to help me navigate through critical tasks. It is a privilege to have such a strong and committed mentor helping me grow my skills and knowledge.


Because HARMAN is an innovation leader that is focused on emerging technologies, I have unparalleled opportunities to become smarter. Through my projects, I am keeping up with emerging trends around Machine Learning, taking that knowledge and applying it to my current projects.


HARMAN is a welcoming, inclusive place. It is such a privilege to work at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions and help them as we help customers solve real problems in a real world.


I am kickstarting my career at HARMAN. Won’t you join me​?"


Raghav Dhamani on work life at HARMAN.

"At HARMAN, it’s all about collaborating, learning and adapting to achieve optimal solutions. This pursuit makes me want to passionately take on new challenges and achieve desired outcomes.


HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions​ is all about a work environment that encourages a growth mindset within each employee. Here, the teams operate in tandem, harnessing each other’s strengths to deliver innovative ideas and results. I can contribute to projects that have impact while working with diverse teams of industry and tech experts.


Because I get to use my own distinct skills, I can complement HARMAN goals and create human-centric solutions that have resonance. I’m thrilled to be on the right path with HARMAN, with a bright future that offers infinite possibilities to think differently.


If you want to work for an employer that allows you to have real impact in real time, then join me​ at HARMAN!”


Shreyansh Choudhary offers insights and inspiration on his work life at HARMAN.

"This HARMAN journey is so important to me and my career! usually start my work day by scheduling goals and directing workflow. The inclusive environment at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solution allows for technical innovation, creativity and regular feedback from my mentor and colleagues. This keeps me highly motivated, approaching each new challenge with a greater sense of ease and enthusiasm!


My mentor Saurabh offers the type of support and managerial care that continually propels me to be a better version of myself. Under his fantastic guidance, I've been able to work on AI and ML developments while becoming familiarized with advanced technologies like Flask and OpenAI.


At HARMAN, I've been given a collaborative platform to work toward technical excellence with a sense of oneness. I am so excited about my future at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions as I know I can scale new heights when it comes to my professional pursuits and in helping contribute to a better, more connected world.


Don't think twice if you're someone looking to advance their career. Join me at HARMAN and make a difference!"


Boddu Madhan speaks about his journey working for HARMAN Product Engineering.

My usual work day at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions involves getting acquainted with the new tasks, usually followed by a meeting with my mentor. It’s an invaluable opportunity to receive personal guidance and direction from someone with rich tech and business experience. I love how this nurturing environment is accelerating my ability to learn and grow personally and professionally.

At HARMAN, the strong focus on innovation means I can work with advanced tools such as Generative AI, Large Language Models and all the underlying architecture. What is now most exciting is that I finally have the skills to build an internal knowledge chatbot that will assist our teams in completing and managing everyday tasks!

Because HARMAN fosters a culture where continuous learning is encouraged, my experience at HARMAN has been nothing short of exceptional. I am confident my future here will be just amazing!

If you are seeking to move up and expand your skills in the tech sector, then HARMAN is the place for you. Come join me here at HARMAN!"


Harshitha MU shares her personal experiences while working with the HARMAN Research and Development team.

"Each day of my HARMAN internship was incredible!

Any fear of transitioning from a college student to a business professional disappeared as soon as I joined HARMAN. The inclusive, welcoming environment and the culture of open dialogue encouraged me to ask questions so I could further my learning journey. I am grateful for my HARMAN mentor who trusted me with challenging and exciting assignments. Those exciting and tech-led projects are helping me fulfill my potential!


I’m confident all this is furthering my professional growth. This community of groundbreaking individuals who create transformative solutions that address real needs in real-time cannot be matched.

To move your career in the right direction, look no further! Join us​ at HARMAN.”


Ashwath Palanisamy shares a candid take on his journey at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions.

"Since coming to HARMAN in January, I have been thrilled to further my learning curve at HARMAN. I get to actively collaborate with my team members and engage in projects that help me contribute to the development of human-centric solutions that are changing people’s everyday lives.

HARMAN work culture is synergistic, with an emphasis on innovation and agile, consistent learning. My mentors have guided and encouraged me, with Kaushlesh Kumar and Abhijeet Sengupta instrumental in furthering my professional and personal growth.

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about my future at HARMAN, now that I’m expanding my MLOps, AWS Cloud and Digital Signal Processing expertise. With HARMAN’s ongoing commitment to career development, technological advancements and focus on employee welfare, there’s no way one cannot have a successful career here. I’m excited to experience what lies ahead! 

Come join me at HARMAN!


Sivanandham RM shares his HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions journey.

"My time at HARMAN has been truly rewarding, both professionally and personally! I’m delighted to be part of a work culture that encourages collaboration, focuses on research and provides positive feedback that helps me grow and succeed. I am indebted to my mentor who actively guides me across all of my projects. He ensures I have the right direction and all the resources I need to achieve the right technological and business outcomes.

As a HARMAN data scientist, my role allows me to work closely with industry experts as we create innovative, real-world solutions that can shape and impact not only companies and organizations but the lives of everyday citizens, wherever they are. I love being able to make that kind of difference through data analytics, AI and the new emerging technologies that are causing new, positive disruption.

If you’re seeking to enrich and expand your career, reaching new heights and learning new ways to think and work, look no further than HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions! Can’t wait to meet and work with you. Join us"

Aakash Walavalkar on his HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions journey.​​​

"The past six months at HARMAN have been amazing! Each day offers new pathways to learn and act. I get to work on coding and data analysis as well as collaborate with seasoned experts on a variety of major projects. HARMAN fosters a culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, and open communication. It also encourages and supports my personal and professional development, helping me become smarter and more market savvy.

With great mentors and managers, I am on my way to amazing things in my career. I am glad to receive one-on-one meetings and knowledge-sharing sessions - crucial for any young person looking to grow their skills and business acumen. I now know more about data science, computer vision, and emerging technologies such as ChatGPT and GenAI than I did before I arrived at HARMAN.

HARMAN's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and its focus on research and development makes this an exciting workplace. Imagine working on big data and big ideas to solve real-world problems. I loved making a difference during my time at HARMAN!

I encourage everyone to take this journey with HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions. A place where you can thrive and bring transformational change around the globe."

Take the first step today; join us.​​​​​