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Prepare Your Leadership Team For Success In The Digital Age

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For over 8 years, Zinnov’s Confluence has been the go-to event for CXOs and tech leaders to share ideas and best practices around Innovation, Digital Transformation and Leadership.

With the democratization of technologies and the consequent disruption, every business has turned into a Software Enabled Business. Yet, the success of an organization is exemplified by its leadership, and while leaders may remain the same, their leadership styles need to change as the circumstances dictate. Confluence 2016 addressed this very change with its theme – “Leading Change: Powering Technology Disruptions.”


Harman’s Sandeep Kalra, Head of Software Enabled Business, spoke about “Peacetime Leadership vs War Time leadership - Leading in Time of Change” during the keynote panel session. Some of his key highlights:




“We don’t believe there is any peace time in the technology industry. There is war time, then there is war time and there will be war time. ”


There is always a business of today which has to churn the profits and the business of tomorrow which involves organization building activities. Unless we build the organization for tomorrow, the current business would be affected too”


 “We use Box 1, Box 2, Box 3 strategy. Box 1 refers to current generation business, Box 2 is what we will forget from the past, Box 3 is where we invest and innovate.. Box 3 becomes Box 1 someday....”


Harman has been rated as a foremost leader by Zinnov in its Global Service Providers Ratings. You can read more about our story here