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Reimagining Augmented Reality Content for Enterprises

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Partnering with PTC, HARMAN increases the adoption of AR programs and enables enterprises to create immersive, next-generation content for training, communications, and additional field service enablement.

​Here’s how Digital Transformation is on the top of our agenda at HARMAN. In just three months, HARMAN brought two software giants together in the most transformative way to reimagine collaboration by generating, sharing and streaming augmented reality content – in an enterprise setting.
In the last five years, enterprises have seen exponential growth in the use of video. They say, 95% of the total enterprise video data was generated in just last three years. Marketing and Advertising, Corporate Communications, Human Resources, and Training were apparently the top contributors. Out of these, field services training through videos are the most popular phenomenon.  
Late last year, HARMAN took over Polycom’s Media Suite product that allows enterprises to create, organize and stream videos. It’s like the YouTube for enterprises! HARMAN will now manage the product roadmap, sales, and marketing for Media Suite. Well, we now call it HARMAN Media Suite.
But then again training videos are only as compelling as its engaging and immersive content. IOT and smart devices have proliferated the market, but the rich content is yet to catch up. One of the many reasons is that AR content is tough and expensive to create. The industry, in general, has struggled to increase adoption of AR programs because of the inability to provide context-aware data when needed. Here is where we brought in PTC Vuforia.
We are at MWC 2018 (Barcelona, Spain). And, we have just wrapped our media conference announcing our partnership with PTC to integrate PTC Vuforia into its Media Suite platform. 
With this partnership, we are solving the problem of providing context-aware data by simply putting location, device data, context and user-aware information to use. This will allow us to provide real-time recommendations of relevant video content from the media database. It proposes to increase the effectiveness of the content and its adoption. Bob O’Donnell, President of TECHnalysis Research, called this partnership “an opportunity to create training and learning materials that are more engaging, more exciting and, ultimately, more effective.”
To learn more about HARMAN Media Suite and its next-gen content video management capabilities, write to us at askhcs@harman.com