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Security - The Core of Digital Next

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Securing digital transformations in an era of growing Intelligent Connectivity will be key to empowering businesses to better innovate and personalize next-gen experiences

​As we move towards a smarter world, the need for high-performance connections becomes greater than ever. With the seamless merging of our physical and digital world, the need to constantly add new capabilities in digital transformation that are innovative yet secure will be a major differentiating factor that sets apart the companies that will lead in the future.
Whether your gen-next customers want to be constantly mobile and create newer business opportunities or are simply looking forward to a better customer experiences with technologies that are more intuitive, conversational and contextual, the biggest factor impeding their adoption of the digital transformation often is a security concern. In fact, a recent research report, which surveyed 600 IT decision-makers, found that eight out of 10 respondents said they believed digital transformation increases cyber risk and more than three quarters (77%)  of them said they don't feel prepared to react accordingly to a serious data breach.
Thus, to ensure the solutions and services deployed in any organization has a strong foundation in security, they need a total rehaul in their approach to architecture, operation and various other factors that allows vulnerabilities to creep in. Inculcating the ‘Security by Design’ approach would therefore be as important as continuously monitoring the systems for any potential threats and responding proactively to the same.
Acting on time could be the difference between survival and extinction. We at HARMAN believe that to navigate through this complex business transformation, collaborating with business leaders and partners who share similar vision and value is the way forward. With HARMAN’s access to SAMSUNG and its partnership with Entrust Datacard, we ensure digital transformation with security at its core.
If you are looking at digitally reinventing your business with technology expertise that’s insight driven and secure, meet us at VISON 2019 where you can witness some of the industry leading solutions through our demos while you network and help shape the ‘next’ in digital. Kulijesh Puri, our VP & GM, HARMAN Connected Services will also be sharing his views in a round table discussion on ‘Securing  your Digital Transformation’.
Some of the demos that you can experience here include:

  • MMS by Samsung: Connecting your enterprise and enabling you to innovate and transform businesses on the go gets simpler and better with Managed Mobility Business Services from Samsung


  • Nexledger: Know how Blockchain  can empower organizations with secure and convenient transactions built on next-gen technology


  • Branch of The Future:  Know more about the future of Banking’ that’s inspired by Retail - offering services starting from personal greetings to mobile check-in and more!

This event will allow you to network and learn more about how HARMAN can enable modern connected devices to be built on strong and dynamic trust models by leveraging AI, IoT, 5G, and Mobility technologies in a secured ecosystem.
So, come meet us at our booth from June 18- 21, 2019 at  VISION 2019 to get a  glimpse of our unparalleled expertise in new-age digital transformation technology continuously empowering its customers.
In case you are unable to make it to the event and want to reach out to us, please feel free to drop us a line here or on LinkedIn/Twitter.​