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Security - The Core of Digital Next

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​​Securing digital transformations in an era of growing Intelligent Connectivity will be the key to empowering businesses to innovate better and personalize next-gen experiences.
As we move towards a smarter world, the need for high-performance connections is becoming more significant than ever. With the seamless merging of our physical and digital worlds, the need to constantly add new capabilities in digital transformation that are innovative and secure will be the differentiating factor that sets apart the leading companies of the future.
Whether your gen-next customers want to be constantly mobile and create newer business opportunities or are simply looking forward to creating better customer experiences with more intuitive, conversational, and contextual technologies, the biggest factor impeding their adoption of the digital transformation often is a security concern. In fact, research suggests that cutting-edge innovations at the architecture level like a cybersecurity mesh - a conceptual approach that equips distributed architecture to deploy and integrate security for on-prem, cloud, or data center assets - work better. Gartner found that this can help enterprises reduce the impact of security-related incidents by up to 90%.
To ensure the solutions and services deployed in any organization have a strong security foundation, they need a total rehaul of their approach to architecture, operation, and various other factors that allow vulnerabilities to creep in. Therefore, inculcating the 'Security by Design' approach would be as important as continuously monitoring the systems for potential threats and responding proactively. Acting on time could be the difference between survival and extinction. 

At HARMAN, we understand the need to create a secure infrastructure across platforms without compromising agility. We bring our expertise in managed data security services to customize the perfect solution for your business, ensuring the complete protection of data and information across your enterprise. 

Our Cybersecurity solutions offer enterprises comprehensive protection through Security Operations Centre with the SIEM platform, advanced threat management solutions, network security, identity and access management, vulnerability management, and penetration test services. We help businesses drive cybersecurity as their priority, ensuring complete security across the organization.

Write to us to discover how HARMAN can help you implement enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions. ​​