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The Role of Strategic Partnerships in the Next Era of Innovation

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We hear the phrase in business all the time: "it's all about the data."
​​​​​​​It's easy to see why. A company capable of fully optimizing its data has the potential to make everyday tasks easier and more accessible for customers. There's a clear path between data's demonstrated ability to make products more desirable for customers and the outcome of increased profitability for organizations. Even greater market promise could lie ahead. How will we get there? It depends on the processes we install to make data easier to collect, process and analyze.

Finding more effective methods to leverage data's full potential is a critical assignment. HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) meets that challenge by forming strategic partnerships for collaborations that provide what customers need.

Prioritize emerging technologies for collaboration

Thoughtful, creative partnerships drive the core of technological advances.  According to IDC, by 2024, 80% of enterprises will overhaul relationships with suppliers, providers, and partners to execute better digital strategies for the ubiquitous deployment of resources and autonomous IT operations. 

Accepting digital transformation will inevitably happen within companies means preparing for disruption by one or more emerging technologies. Examples include:

  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Edge and IoT technologies
  • Analytics 
  • Fully immersive VR/AR
All of these produce troves of data and increase connectivity even as they transform the way we live and work for the better. The earlier a company establishes a strategic partnership, the earlier the competitive advantage in time-to-market and customer experience. 

Three ways a strategic partner ecosystem unlocks opportunity.

1. Extend innovation opportunities with emerging technologies

As 5G emerges and the compelling benefits of the data-driven world become clear, businesses scramble with digital transformation and face roadblocks along the way. Common questions include:

  • How do I bridge domain knowledge with IT?
  • What criteria should I use to pick the right complex end-to-end solutions?
  • How can I address scaling architecture concerns like efficiency, cybersecurity, and interoperability?
  • Can I keep systems operating optimally for real-time decision-making?
At HARMAN, we help clients leverage emerging tech more efficiently and get answers quickly. We immediately connect with many global partners like hyper scalers, silicon makers, OEMs, or niche technology providers for horizontal and vertical engagement. Right away, we can bring our clients the necessary scale, interoperability, and low-cost solutions they need to power their digital journey end-to-end.

2.Respond faster to new opportunities while limiting risk and exposure

Throughout the pandemic, the quick creation and release of connected applications required a collaborative partner ecosystem. Multiple solutions capable of meeting needs and demands like contact tracing, remote health monitoring, thermal cameras, telemedicine, Smart factory solution​, and many more provided critical data that's saved lives. The applications' capabilities and benefits get the attention when they launch. Still, the end-to-end process - from creativity, design, development to deployment - and their release, integration, adoption, and scale, demonstrate an evolution of necessary customization under demanding pressures.

With more than 70 years of audio and voice engineering expertise, we offer consulting, full-system product design, testing, integration, voice input technology for Far-Field voice applications, and software solutions that help businesses launch custom voice-enabled solutions to create secure conversational and immersive sound experiences at speed for business and home users.

A natural extension of it was expanding with Amazon to include the Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Now an Alexa Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) provider, HARMAN provides services on AVS integration to its customers and partners, leveraging its message and voice-first offerings strategy. HARMAN is a member of Amazon's Voice Interoperability Initiative, engaging with Amazon on joint go-to-market strategy, product ideation, simultaneous implementation, and identifying market opportunities. Amazon Alexa Voice Services (harman.com)

​3.Eliminate blockades created through traditional one-size-fits-all approaches

No solution fits every business. Customers need to weigh the total cost of ownership with return on investment for their digital transformation. HARMAN DTS' technology-agnostic approach positions us as crucial influencers of the partner ecosystem. Here's what we do through partnerships:

We provide support. We design and bring the necessary building block of the software-hardware stack through our partnerships. Our years of experience give a unique insight into differentiating in end-to-end outsourced solutions, customized digital solutions, and product engineering services. 

We provide practical expertise. We can offer the necessary knowledge required with the next-generation technology through our partnerships, along with cost savings. The result gives customers scalable IP platforms available for each vertical.

We provide consulting as you grow. We help organizations scale quickly by providing the right people and expertise through partnerships. Services include consulting, design, and development of hardware and software products, and with our product engineering services capability, we also help sustain your product roadmap during EOL transitions. 

The right partners can give the customer a faster route to market and help implement digital solutions quickly.

To learn more about how productive and effective our partnerships can be, see how we worked together with Adobe​.

Why should you partner with HARMAN 

At HARMAN DTS, we don’t just create software and hardware; we combine them to make technology more human. We deliver solutions from a people-first perspective to transform everyday lives. We call this HARMAN Life-ware​.

I am excited to share that HARMAN DTS was recognized in ISG's IoT Services, and Solutions report 2021: 

For US: 

  • Leader in IoT Consulting and Services & Connected Mobility Consulting and Services
  • Rising Star for Managed IoT Services in manufacturing, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, and telecom seeking IoT managed services

For Europe:

  • Challenger for IoT Consulting and Services, Connected Mobility Consulting and Services, and Managed IoT Services.
Globally - a Leader for Artificial Intelligence on the Edge category and a Challenger for the IoT​ Endpoint security & IT/OT Tech convergence.

Check out the report on our website - https://info.services.harman.com/2021ISGReport.html  

Mitigate implementation challenges, drive efficiency, and accelerate your customer's adoption by partnering with us. 

Our holistic approach to customer's transformation journey helps us deliver customized, secure, and value-based scalable outcomes with our expertise. This opens enormous opportunities for our partners. You can mitigate implementation challenges, drive efficiency, and accelerate your customer's adoption by partnering with us.