IoT and Big data analytics are transforming manufacturing as we know it. To help gain a better understanding of this trend, Harman hosted an engaging webinar around the topic, “The Third Industrial Revolution: Connected Machines, Data and APIs.” The agenda of the webinar was not only to gain insight on the most recent trends for the Industrial IoT but also to learn about how market leaders can adapt their focus from assets (things) to APIs (intelligence) and how industrial automation is being accelerated through machine learning.


Frank Gillett, our guest speaker from Forrester laid the context, talking about the growth of IoT.  He spoke about how the range of IoT is very vast, right from sensors in the environment (for example, those that predict weather conditions); to the city level with the advent of ‘smart cities’; to infrastructure such as power grids, roads; down to individual buildings and stores; and all the way to individual manufacturing systems using sensors to monitor production efficiency.


He also quoted findings from the latest Forrester Business Telegraphics Networks and Telecommunications survey, which finds that 82% of companies across the globe are either using, planning or interested in IoT. He noted that emerging markets are probably more likely to use IoT, compared to developed markets.


IoT throws up a large volume of data that was simply not available in the past, that too automatically. This provides scope for the 4 ‘A’s Awareness, Analysis, Alternatives and finally Action, Frank make it so powerful:       Harman-IoT-webinar-1.jpg


In general, connected world use cases fall into two categories:


As manufacturing ushers in the next industrial revolution, it opens up endless possibilities including more customization, smaller lots, energy efficiency, urban production (producing closer to employees and markets) etc.  The opportunities are diverse, yet specific and the potential impact goes far beyond cost savings.


As part of the webinar, Frank also moderated an interesting panel discussion on how IoT & analytics addresses the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy. The panelists were Grant Bodley from Hortonworks, Darrell Swope from Landis+Gyr and Sriram Jayaraman from Harman.


Some of the key discussion points:


– Looking beyond existing business models
– IoT enablement, connectivity and APIs
– Creating business value with analytics and real time insights
– Project ideation: ‘Think big and start small’


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