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United, We Win

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“2018 was all about getting products into consumers’ homes and both Amazon and Google excelled at this through low-cost smart speakers and multiple bundles across device categories. However, 2019 will be more about tying the various devices together to form a more cohesive experience and more importantly, layering in additional services.”

​The above quote from a reputed research firm, IDC Mobile Device Trackers points towards two very important trends in connected technology.

  1. The rise of Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA’s) and its popularity
  2. The need for integrating them into everyday life seamlessly

The ease that VPA’s offer with their natural user interface and contextualization (with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) in them) is already making these smart assistants the backbone of smart environments - be it home, car, office, factory or on the go. 


In a bid to provide innovative, consumer friendly and seamless smart home experiences, HARMAN and Sprint collaborated to take the small cell concept beyond connectivity and moved it into a device with Sprint TREBL Magic box. 


Supporting a wider smart home proposition, this one of a kind product brings in premium sound capabilities with enhanced LTE data coverage and speed-boosting capabilities. While the stylish and modern design of the product complements any home décor, its lightweight and water-resistant design make the device portable and perfect to plug and play, both indoors and outdoors.


The potential of this device to lead industry innovation, especially in the small cell market is huge and our recognitions at various prestigious forums - CES Innovation awards, MWC GLOMO Awards nomination, The Small Cell Forum 2019 Awards – is a proof of the same. These wins also re-enforces our belief in connecting, collaborating and co-creating with partners who share a similar vision to succeed together. 



HARMAN is proud to have led the consumer-centric design and embedded audio integration for Sprint TREBL in collaboration with Sercomm. The seamless integration of Amazon Alexa voice assistant in Sprint TREBL allows the consumers easy access to an intelligent personal assistant that continuously learns, evolves and enhances their everyday experience. 


With our unparalleled capability in Audio and AI integration and our affinity to map and attract the right partners to achieve a common goal, we at HARMAN are committed to offer best-in-class, consumer-centric solutions that enhances next-gen experiences. 


If you are looking for a partner who can help you innovate and enhance your customer experiences with better connected solutions, reach out to us here or on Linkedin or Twitter.