As automakers are creating their blueprints and strategies for connected lifestyle and pervasive connectivity, successful organisations are focusing on both the customer experience and their value network. Managing a supplier network that integrates the car lifecycle into the value chain is the key to delivering the next generation experiences for drivers and passengers.


Today’s Connected Car relies on cloud-based software and services, for a reason.

For many years, the industry copied the smartphone/app store model for software, but found this approach was less relevant to vehicles than mobile devices. In-vehicle apps made it difficult to tie enterprise services into the vehicle. Services like analytics and over-the-air updates cannot be easily deployed through an app framework.

There is a need for a better approach to automotive software and services that provides drivers and passengers with the in-vehicle infotainment that is both safe and convenient. Throughout the vehicle’s relationship with its owner (“Or lifecycle”).

We needed a better solution…
HARMAN’s tightly integrated cloud-based platform provides automakers with essential functionality to create and maintain low-cost differentiated in-vehicle infotainment services—with built-in over-the-air updates; media content aggregation; automotive specific analytics via secure, high-speed connectivity.


Together with the leading service providers, we are introducing the HARMAN Service Delivery Platform allowing automakers and service providers to bring and quickly deploy enterprise cloud services to vehicles.

HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform enables the launch of a variety of services including new software features after vehicle sale, vehicle data to predict part failures, forecasting for preventative maintenance, and analysis of warranty claims. It is a powerful, comprehensive framework with a collection of core services, third party services and management features, fully integrated with vehicle systems and updated seamlessly over the air.

HARMAN Service Delivery Platform includes a collection of Managed and SAAS services available to automakers, including, but not limited to:

  • OTA Campaign Management

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Remote Control

  • Connected Infotainment

  • Connected Navigation


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