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Harness the predictive power of HARMAN ForecastGPT, an industry and domain independent private Large Language Model (LLM) solution that analyzes historical data patterns to deliver precise forecasts for sales figures, finance, demand planning and other key metrics, providing a robust foundation for informed decision-making. Its real-time adaptability enables continuous learning and refinement, ensuring predictions remain accurate and actionable. 

With ForecastGPT, organizations can anticipate market trends with exceptional accuracy, plan strategic initiatives with confidence and drive business growth with data-driven insights.


Here's how our customers are reimagining their business planning with ForecastGPT

Enhanced SKU forecasting and analysis
Using ForecastGPT, we enabled our finance client to generate seamless forecasts for all SKUs across multiple clients. The solution also featured a commentary option and a Q&A tool, empowering the client to thoroughly understand and analyze sales patterns and trends, thus facilitating strategic decision-making.
Reimagining sales forecasting
ForecastGPT empowered our consumer client to generate detailed sales forecasts across multiple levels and periods. Stakeholders could dynamically visualize data for any brand and region, bypassing traditional, static dashboards. The query component of the solution elucidated anomalies and trends, thereby improving data interpretation and decision making.

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GenAI precision for accurate and reliable forecasting
Versatile applications for diverse forecasting needs
Automated forecasts: saves time, boosts productivity
Comprehensive data integration from diverse sources

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