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Drive tomorrow’s urban mobility with today’s modern technology

Manage and regulate safe movement of vehicles, pedestrians, traffic, parking, and more, with IoT and 5G-based smart transportation solutions.

Tying IoT ecosystems with analytics for connected city mobility

When it comes to transportation, citizens expect user-centric solutions powered by IoT devices, gateways, and networks. However, these systems only work as well as the solutions used to manage them. Managing a city’s vehicular and pedestrian movement, traffic, tolls, etc., needs to be augmented with next-gen solutions and real-time insights. It also requires seamless support for public and private 5G/LTE networks, video surveillance solutions, smart parking, V2X technology, big data and analytics, and more, for safer and connected mobility. 

Leverage HARMAN Smart Transportation solutions to make cities move ahead at the speed of life for its digital citizens.

How we make it happen

Enable real-time transport management with present and past ground situation data using sensors, AI cameras, and 5G devices.
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How we help

From connecting vehicles and city infrastructure to building safer communities with 5G accelerated commercialization, leverage our smart transportation solutions to drive the future of seamless mobility.
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Product engineering for intelligent transportation

HARMAN DTS is a leader in Provider Lens™️ for Internet of Things Services and Solutions Report 2021

ISG recognizes HARMAN as a Leader in IoT Consulting and Services, Connected Mobility, Consulting and Services.

HARMAN earns top ratings for 6 consecutive years in Zinnov Zones 2021 ER&D and IoT Services

HARMAN bags 12 leader positions in ER&D Services and 3 in IoT Services.

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Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

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Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
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Imagining cities for tomorrow with HARMAN Smart City Solutions
HARMAN Smart City Platform & Applications
Enable safer road infrastructure and more with 5G.
Leverage 5G connectivity for smarter roads.