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Inspiring Workplace Excellence: A Comprehensive Audio-Visual Solution

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Videos are redefining organization-wide communication structures and have risen to become the new business standard.

​​The Engaged Employees Report by Entrepreneur Magazine states that live videos drive 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales. Regardless of distance or time zones, a simple video or conversation could spark new ideas and create unique collaborative experiences.


The advent of next-generation content tools and media solutions is allowing users to connect and share information from any device seamlessly. Organizations are becoming more connected and informed by applying new techniques that ensure clear, consistent, and accessible communication with everyone. They are redefining communication strategies and are using advanced technologies to bring together various end-points and build collaborative environments to improve their output.


An advantage of embracing such audio-visual approaches to communicate presents a highly personalized way to reach the desired audience while making knowledge sharing more enjoyable. Let's explore this immersive approach to support company-wide communication, training, maintenance, and sales.


Humanize video for enterprise-wide communications


Audio-visual communication or immersive videos are undoubtedly more impactful than text and still images. From individual teams to the entire organization and beyond, immersive videos could be used to communicate large pieces of information in a concise and impactful manner.


Whether it is sales training activities or leadership announcements, being able to see and hear a person will increase user engagement with the content. Also, using a video will encourage instantaneous distribution and diffusion via various digital channels to a wide range of audience. 


HARMAN realizes the potential here and brings a product that addresses such use cases - the HARMAN® Media Suite. This easy-to-use platform utilizes the existing video infrastructure to reach many viewers with immersive webcasts and recorded video assets. One of the many advantages of this technology is its ability to provide organizations with streaming scalability while incurring very little expense. With a complete solution for Enterprise CDN (content delivery network) delivery, organizations can seamlessly optimize video sharing on their network or choose to leverage best-of-breed third-party content delivery solutions. 


Business video adoption made simple


Capitalizing next-gen video technologies such as HARMAN® Media Suite, companies can work closely with their employees to communicate business messages. The distributed architecture of Media Suite makes it a viral communication technology. It allows up to 50,000 web viewers to access it at the same time and supports recording for up to 100 concurrent video sessions and streaming of up to 50 live events. 


The rich set of powerful APIs empowers managers to innovate around business workflows and applications. Integrated with existing Augmented Reality (AR) platforms and packed into the simplicity of a browser, this platform presents engrossing and easy viewing end user experience. Media Suite also offers tight integration with video conferencing solutions, allowing users to playback video-on-demand content into a multiparty meeting or conference room.


As it is hard to predict where knowledge and expertise will come from, HARMAN Media Suite’s browser-based capture tools and self-service workflows capacitate everyone and anyone in an organization to create, share and stream videos. Plus, they can upload, share and playback content too from different sources.


Meet the demand for next-gen media content


Keeping in line with the current industry trends, I believe that it is essential to expand the role of technology in enterprise communications. Taking advantage of rich media delivery solutions, you can provide live, engaging, on-demand video content to your audience.


Empower your workforce with HARMAN Media Suite. This insight-driven enterprise recording, webcasting and portal solution improves the effectiveness of visual communication including, training and sales initiatives. It not only facilitates the creation and delivery of high-quality AR-enabled videos but also addresses the employee and customer expectations for using video in everyday business communications. What’s more? There is no requirement for any additional investments in network capacity to meet the demand.


If you would like to know more about the HARMAN Media Suite or wish to schedule a meeting, please feel free to reach out to me here or on LinkedIn/Twitter.