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Improving an agricultural data tool

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Could IoT be the driver for reimagining and revolutionizing patient care?

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Success stories of Connected Business transformation across industries

  • Big Data Platform Driving Revenue Growth in Travel

    How to assimilate necessary data into a common platform and then make sense of it? Firstly, you will have to identify which data is to be collected and then analyzed. If this process lacks proper documentation it will give rise to unnecessary expenditures and operational obstacles.

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  • Building Next-Generation Asset-Light Infrastructure

    Information in a workplace may consist of a variety of documents, from .docx and pdf to .jpg and .png, filed away for future reference. But, having a mix of formats will lead to confusion and errors in the operations of the company.

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  • Building Network Efficiencies through OTA Update

    Building network efficiencies through OTA update

    The rapidly growing number of software components in connected cars require constant updating. With connectivity and data consumption often coming at a premium, OTA (Over-the-Air) updating of in-vehicle software and firmware can quickly become a major financial burden.

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  • Operational Innovation Increases Level of User Satisfaction

    Why does first-call resolution matter? Meeting a customer’s needs fully the first time they call definitely improves customer satisfaction, but it also makes such a big difference in reducing operating costs, enhancing employee satisfaction, and ultimately increasing customer retention.

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  • OTA updates for lower data roaming costs

    OTA updates for lower data roaming costs

    The software-driven components in today’s increasingly connected cars and mobile machinery require constant updating. With cellular data connectivity, and specifically data roaming often coming at a premium, OTA (Over-the-Air) updating of in-vehicle software and firmware can easily become a major financial burden.

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  • OTA update via smartphone partner app

    OTA update via Smartphone Partner App

    As the number of software-driven components in cars grows exponentially, so does the need to maintain these components and keep them constantly up-to-date. Given that not all cars are geared with the cellular connectivity required for OTA (Over-the-Air) software updating, this can at times be a major challenge, which is exactly the situation our customer, a renowned Japanese automotive OEM, had to handle.

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