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HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions earns Leader designation in 15 key categories

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Lead the generative AI race

With a dedicated R&D team, a rich portfolio of enterprise solutions and pre-built accelerators and frameworks

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Turn healthcare data into deep domain insights with HARMAN HealthGPT

Advance patient care, medical research and real-time decision making with a revolutionary private LLM

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Transform the way you work, provide care and perform with GearUP

A wearable app for lone worker safety, workplace efficiency and employee well-being needs

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How is Customer 360 paving the way for a hyper-personalized future?

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Recognized as a 'Leader' in the ISG Digital Engineering Services Provider Lens™ 2023 US study

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Technology that transforms the everyday

HARMAN Connected Services

A new piece of technology becomes indispensable when it easily integrates into our daily lives, addressing real needs in real-time. 

At HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions, we help visionary businesses to create such technology solutions. As a true innovation partner, we work with you to understand ever-changing needs and make technology more dynamic to address them.  

Our 7,000 professionals working with 200+ clients from 45+ offices across 12 countries don’t just create new hardware or software. Blending our expertise across physical, digital, industry domains, and people-first design helps us create technology solutions that transform the everyday. 

We call it HARMAN Life-ware.​

HARMAN Connected Services

See how we do it

By tapping into our deep cross-functional expertise and partnering with our customers, we make everyday lives richer, easier, and more efficient. With Life-ware, we’re making lives richer, connections deeper, and foundations stronger.
Better Living Better Living
Enhance the quality of life by simplifying caregiving and opening up possibilities for positive community impact. Modernize systems with Life-ware to make them more personal and effective.
Digital health solutions
Smarter Connectivity Smarter Connectivity
Enable seamless connectivity that opens floodgates of opportunities for new use cases across industries. Tap into the digital ecosystem with Life-ware through a network of cutting-edge technology solutions.
HARMAN Amplify
Smarter InfrastructureSmarter Infrastructure
Build a stronger, smarter, and resilient foundation through automation and technology solutions to suit future needs. Implement Life-ware solutions to make the world a safer and better place to live in.
Smart city solution

What makes us different

Solution focus
Design-led approach
Our people and culture
Hardware and software capabilities
HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here’s how Life-ware is helping our customers reimagine what technology can do

Technology can open up a beautiful mind
We are helping a global pioneer in Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics create a positive impact for neurodivergent persons and their families.
Omniscience brought to life
See how we've enabled an Oil and Gas technology pioneer set better operational standards through clever use of the Internet of Eyes.
Enabling seamless mobility in cities
See how we combined 5G and C-V2X technology to help vehicles communicate with drivers, other cars, emergency vehicles, etc., for smarter transportation.

HARMAN earns top ratings for 6 consecutive years in Zinnov Zones 2021 ER&D and IoT Services

HARMAN bags 12 leader positions in ER&D Services and 3 in IoT Services.

HARMAN DTS named as LEADER in Provider Lens™ for IoT Services and Solutions Report 2022

Recognized as a leader in Implementation and Integration, Managed Services, Mobile Asset Tracking and Management, and Data Management and AI on the Edge, and rated as a Rising Star for Strategy Consulting.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Product Development Services 2020

Forrester Identifies HARMAN as One of the Most Significant Providers of Digital Product Development Services

Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Transforming everyday experiences with HARMAN Life-ware.
Virtual care - the new paradigm of healthcare delivery.
Crafting a 5G future: What goes into building the cornerstone of interconnectedness?
Contactless and Conversational Vending Experience: 2020 and Beyond.