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Unleash the power of data and AI with HARMAN and Qlik

Imagine a world where your data tells its own story, where patterns and trends leap off the screen with unparalleled clarity. At HARMAN, we extend Qlik solutions that go beyond traditional analytics, empowering users to interact with data in ways that were never possible before. Design, develop and deploy Qlik applications that meet your specific needs and goals through HARMAN professional services such as training, support and maintenance.

Qlik and HARMAN expand partnership to enhance HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions customer experience through data & analytics.

Dr Jai Ganesh & Annette Jonker join theCUBE host Dave Vellante and Molly Burns at the QlikWorld 2023.
Our Offerings

We offer comprehensive AI-driven data analytics solutions that help in real-time decision making

Data analysis today is synonymous with AI/ML dashboards that help in insight generation and anomaly identification. They feature interactive storytelling and conversational interfaces, while offering personalized experiences, real-time visibility and data integration. Advanced data analysis dashboards, data visualization software and business intelligence tools also aid in automation through embedded analytics, explainable AI, predictive insights and data APIs that enhance efficiency, democratize data and help ensure its responsible use. Through our Qlik offerings at HARMAN, we help ensure all of the above.
Qlik implementation and deployment
Advanced data analytics and generative AI in Qlik
Qlik and Talend integration and automation
Data governance and security
Training and support for Qlik and Talend
Our Solutions

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN solutions powered by Qlik

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
ForecastGPT for Qlik dashboards
ForecastGPT is an AI-powered platform and data analytics solution that revolutionizes predictive analytics. It empowers businesses to generate accurate forecasts, anticipate trends and make informed decisions with confidence.
Enterprise Risk Analytics and Mitigation
Enterprise Risk Analytics powered by Qlik and Talend uses data-driven insights to identify, assess and mitigate risks proactively.
Qlik Migration
HARMAN suite of migration services assists organizations in transitioning from on-premises deployment to more advanced environments like Qlik Sense or Qlik cloud.
Success Stories

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Integrated Qlik Sense with a generative AI engine for retail store account managers
We utilized pre-trained LLM models that require minimal training. We also deployed a multilingual video interface for user interaction and to track key performance indicators across product lines and markets. This helped in significantly enhancing the productivity of account managers.
Helped a pharma data intermediary process 250 million records weekly
We utilized Qlik reports and dashboards that provided insights into patient therapy, drug switching and compliance. Additionally, AI/ML models were used to enhance physician targeting, sales forecasting, switch analysis and visualization. This approach resulted in a 25% gain in operational efficiency through data automation.
Deployed Qlik Talend to ingest and standardize consumer data across regions
We implemented robust data governance standards for ingestion, storage and standardization for player protection, retailer recommendations and segmentation. This approach led to improved consumer engagement and upsell opportunities.
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Unleash the power of data and AI with HARMAN and Qlik