Unbox your IoT landscape with a plug-and-play solution

Go beyond IIoT and build digital twins, edge AI systems, and analytical dashboards with HARMAN IoT in a Box .

Make your operations thrive with a connected network

With enterprises being contingent upon IoT to gather and action business insights, dealing with numerous protocols, standards, and APIs during integration becomes a major setback. There’s a need for a one-stop solution that can lay the foundation to accelerate IoT journeys and support business operations with easy-to-deploy tools and capabilities. HARMAN IoT in a Box is a Low-code IoT Platform, subscription-based solution designed to streamline and synchronize connected devices for better configuration, management, and administration. Enable machines to talk to enterprise applications and vice versa, drive a defense mechanism to prioritize worker safety, and more within a connected network. The cloud-agnostic tool empowers solution developers to quickly deploy IIoT solutions and simulate digital twins, build edge AI systems, and curate analytical dashboards.

ISG Provider Lens recognizes HARMAN as a leader in IoT Services and Solutions Category

In the 2022 quadrant of ISG Lens, HARMAN was awarded for its contribution to managed services, strategic consulting, and implementation and integration in the IoT landscape.

How we make it happen

Ease your IoT journey with built-in tools that help do away with a clutter of protocols, standards, and APIs. Ensure efficiency, reduce risks, and boost ROI with a unified view of all business layers with HARMAN IoT-in-a-Box.
Success stories

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Facilitating end-to-end management of seed trials
See how we helped a global agricultural science and technology provider enable automated seed processing lines and smart field practices with a Farm-to-Command center and digital twin technology.
Driving safety and compliance in the oil & gas industry with Internet of Eyes
See how we are helping the oil & gas industry prevent safety hazards, establish control measures, and optimize resources with a niche edge application.

Our unique capabilities to create transformation

Harness the Low-code IoT Platform configuration tool
Build digital twin and edge AI systems
Maximize on analytics and dashboards
Our thinking

Unlocking new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Build a connected ecosystem with IoT in a Box
Enhance workplace productivity and safety with GearUp
Get IoMT right from a business perspective to deliver value in healthcare
A building block for IoT platforms