Digital Transformation Starts with Design Thinking 

Interactions used to be in the abstract form. Nowadays, the command line has evolved into a voice first and conversational interaction. We at HARMAN, advance experiences at the intersection of humans and devices, with data as the backbone. We strive to explore and push the edges of technology to create immersive and relevant experiences that people would embrace.


A well-crafted design is only as good as the process behind it. HARMAN’s research and insight-driven strategy help reduce the time to transform ideas into experiences that convert users into fans.

Experiences. Not Just Software

Businesses are differentiating with experience for today’s customers. This transformation requires a human-centered approach to design. HARMAN’s design strategy aims to create functional products, grounded in research that provide real value.


Experience Consulting

HARMAN’s evidence-based evaluation process uses a variety of data analysis and research tools to anticipate any potential shift in customer expectations. We build a robust customer journey map which focuses on mapping the customer experience lifecycle, identifying various touchpoints, and defining interactions that might occur at each of those touchpoints. 

By mining existing data for insights, running experiments, and combining different machine learning models, we gain new perspectives and bring entirely new experiences to market.

Furthermore, we recommend customers make research-driven business decisions that drive results, deliver enhanced customer experiences, and improve user engagement.


Industrial Design

HARMAN's diverse capabilities in design, technology, and strategy enable us to create unique experiences that traverse the digital, physical and environmental worlds.

It is critical that the design of a product resonate with its target audience. We combine many backgrounds and disciplines in a collaborative, holistic design-led process, going beyond what an individual could do, bringing the best of a collective.

To achieve new levels of innovation, enable easy visualization, communication, ergonomics, accessibility, and evaluation during the product design and development phase by providing in-detail product concepts, 3D models, spacial and environmental designs.


Design and Prototyping

HARMAN's design prototyping process rapidly creates a glimpse of the future, today. We enable businesses to quickly build and validate products, software, and services that disrupt markets and enhance their customer experience.

Leveraging contextual research and evaluating concepts at all levels of maturity, we take every opportunity to validate concepts or ideas with a broader team of users. Doing this iteratively generates helps us get early feedback and reduces iterations.


Front-End Development

HARMAN's technical team of designers and front-end engineers leverage tools and frameworks including, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React, JQuery, etc. We also work extensively on Content Management Systems (CMS) like Umbraco, Drupal, and WordPress.


Human-centered design is how we align next-generation customer experiences with next-generation engineering. This is the first step to HARMAN's design-led engineering process for digital transformation.

  • Speed to Market

    Fuelled by the need to innovate to differentiate, we avoid rework when honing a responsive solution for customers. HARMAN’s human-centered design-thinking approach furthers the creation of experiences that resonate with an audience — ultimately driving growth and engagement.

  • Highly Relevant

    Designed to fit human wants and not just functional requirements, we innovate products by making those engaging at an emotional level. HARMAN’s empathetic design-led engineering process helps envision and resolve issues that might arise with user experience not only in the present but also the future.

  • Increased Capability

    To help your business deliver the next generation of user interaction, we devise products that consumers will love while providing overall differentiation. It is not just about materials, finish or SLAs. It is about reducing development costs and designing with insight-driven data that responds to customer’s needs.



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