AI-Powered Voice Assistant Platform for Conversational Experiences

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020, about 258 million consumers will have access to smart speakers in the United States alone. This shift of consumers towards voice interface in their day to day activities is a huge opportunity for businesses, provided they are able to delight their customers with effortless and intuitive conversational experience.

HARMAN eNOVA is an AI-powered voice assistant platform that helps make the user experience more connected, convenient, contextual and personalized. It has state-of-the-art Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) capabilities with very high precision. Powered with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and high-quality speech synthesis, this conversational platform from HARMAN enables its clients to build, test and launch voice-enabled solutions to create conversational experiences at enhanced speed and security.


HARMAN eNOVA offers a multitude of compelling features that could help in creating customizable and differentiated voice solutions tailored for specific use cases. 


  • Multilingual Experience

    Supports conversations in 7 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, and Brazilian Portuguese

  • Skill Development Kit

    Custom skills can be easily added with user-defined intents responses & conversation

  • Multiple Device Types

    Can work on Linux & Android devices and extendable to other device platforms

  • 3rd Party Integrations

    Can be used to invoke 3rd party APIs from defined skills

  • Continuously Learns and Evolves

    Leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to continuously capture better insights, adapt and improve

  • GDPR Compliant

    Transparent, trust-worthy and secure data privacy policies with GDPR guidelines adhered to

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    High-quality speech synthesis with seamless enterprise backend integration for deeper context awareness and personalization

  • Multimodal Experience

    Supports both voice and chat conversations allowing access to diverse channels for seamless user experience

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Can be deployed on-premises as well as on cloud


HARMAN eNOVA platform can be used by organizations to build conversational experiences into their products, devices or organizational processes. It allows easy addition of domain-specific use-cases and conversations, as well as system integration with enterprise backend systems and 3rd party systems. HARMAN eNOVA is available in 2 packages to choose from based on your business requirement.

On-Premises Deployment Package

The HARMAN eNOVA software package is licensed to the enterprise for installation and use in the enterprise data center. This package is suitable for businesses that prefer to keep data private and secure within their enterprise network. This model is also suitable for organizations looking for a one-time investment rather than pay-as-you-grow. This model also allows for a high degree of customization with an enterprise-specific instance. It includes

  • HARMAN eNOVA Voice Assistant Server License (Speech to Text (STT), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Language License – For up-to 7 supported languages
  • Dashboard and Management System
  • Client SDK
  • Device Management (Optional)


Cloud Deployment Package

The enterprise gets an instance of HARMAN eNOVA hosted on the cloud, managed by HARMAN. This package is suitable for businesses that prefer a managed service model with a pay-as-you-go option. This model also allows for greater flexibility in terms of scale. It includes

  • An Enterprise édition of HARMAN eNOVA hosted on Microsoft Azure which is managed by HARMAN
  • It has separate Natural Language Understanding (NLU) instance and conversational design with Common Speech to Text (STT) & Text to Speech (TTS) blocks
  • Language License – For up-to 7 supported languagesDashboard and Management Console
  • Enterprise Data Access/Management
  • Client SDK
  • Device Management (Optional)

Professional Services

For both the above deployment options, HARMAN provides a bouquet of Professional Services including base HARMAN eNOVA package customization, new feature additions and system integration to deliver a turnkey solution for its customers. The HARMAN eNOVA Professional Services include

  • Conversational AI Design and Implémentation - NLU Training
  • UI/UX Design and Mobile App Development
  • Device Design and Development
  • End to End System Integration
  • Technical support and related managed services


As the boundaries between physical and digital worlds blur, the convenience of being able to have human-like conversations that offer seamless user-experience will be key to better customer experience and engagement in most industries. HARMAN eNOVA’s AI-powered voice assistant platform is helping various industries become future-ready by delivering differentiated and intuitive experiences for their customers. Some of the industry use cases where the platform is already engaging customers in more connected and contextual ways are as below:

Hospitality Industry

HARMAN eNOVA is set to transform the hospitality industry with its conversational assistants by enhancing the user experience of its guests. From identifying the guest based on their voice to taking care of their personal choices, the platform can be instrumental in creating personalized, intuitive and seamless offerings for your customers.
Some prominent use cases are:

  • Faster & automated check-in, check out
  • Customized room settings and 24X7 room assistance
  • Book, Modify or Extend room reservations and cab services
  • Digital in-room voice-enabled assistant 

Healthcare Industry

Patients are increasingly becoming active participants in the healthcare decision-making process. Voice-based technologies are set to enhance both patient and provider satisfaction by automating and simplifying the process and enhancing care coordination.

Some of the use cases include:
For Patients:

  • Answers for common healthcare questions
  • Emergency SOS and vitals monitoring/analysis

For Providers:

  • Voice-enabled EMR updates/scribe
  • Real-time, hands-free, voice-prompted checklist
  • Information on-the-go and automated reminders for nurses and doctors

Retail Industry

The retail industry is getting highly personalized and increasingly focused on user experience. The integration of AI-powered voice assistants in Retail can ensure seamless omnichannel engagement and higher customer satisfaction for its customers.
Some of the use cases include:
For Customers:

  • Recommendations based on past shopping, trends & preferences
  • Voice-enabled product search and feedback on the go
  • Easier billing/refund aided through a voice assistant

For Enterprises:

  • Voice-enabled actionable insights on customer data linked to trends, preferences, sales and more

Banking Industry

With HARMAN eNOVA , you can redefine customer engagement in the bank with intuitive digital banking solutions that enhance customer experience with its secure, conversational, connected and contextual offering.
Some of the use cases are: 
For Customers:

  • 24*7 assistance and recommendations through digital assistant and chatbots
  • Automated reminders for bill payments

For Banks:

  • Better customer retention with seamless, intuitive platforms
  • Enhanced security with voice biometric 


Enterprise Collaboration

HARMAN eNOVA enhances the enterprise collaboration through its continuously learning and adapting voice-assistant platforms.

Be it automating repetitive tasks or presenting the right information at right time with an omnichannel approach to engage customers, HARMAN eNOVA brings in a refreshing and effortless way to collaborate with your team members.
Some of the use cases include:

  • Scheduling meetings and booking rooms based on availability
  • Automatic voice recognition and identification of expected attendees
  • Recording meeting transcript & taking notes
  • Real-time language translation
  • Detecting & muting noises 


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