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The ‘One HARMAN Experience’ at CES 2019 Took Visitors on a Fascinating Journey to the Connected World of the Future

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Wanting to know how we are creating connected, personalized experiences—whether it’s in the car, at home or on the go, HARMAN’s exclusive Automotive Experience Center witnessed traffic of industries experts, OEMs, automakers, suppliers, customers and prospects from around the world.​

HARMAN has the solution to your in-car communication woes…No longer will your kids be able to say that they didn’t hear you when all they’re actually doing is ignoring you. Justice!

– Top Speed


HARMAN finds clever ways to improve in-car conversations. In-Car Communication, ClearChat with Far-End Noise Cancellation and Personal Communication Zones. All of them combined should lead to a more pleasurable experience while on the move.

– Carscoops


Over the course of the past six years, HARMAN has won 300+ awards for 197 different products. This growing list is an indisputable testament to the talent, commitment, and passion for excellence that HARMAN's designers and engineers share.

–  Michael Mauser, President Lifestyle Audio


2019 is the Year of the Car! At HARMAN, we’ve developed technologies designed to elevate in-vehicle communications, improve safety and security, and provide a more personalized, connected experience overall. 

– Sanjay Dhawan, President of HCS and CTO



This year on the sidelines of CES 2019, we converted 27,000 Sq. Ft. of space at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas to a one-of-a-kind experience zone. We brought together our diverse automotive technologies and created a holistic and differentiated story for HARMAN. 


Walking into the One HARMAN Automotive Experience Zone was like entering into the connected future of 2025 – showcasing the full breadth and power our personalized, adaptive, connected technologies.


Here are our picks for the most interesting stories unveiled at CES 2019.


HARMAN’s New Unit of Measure “Experience Per Mile”



Designing solutions that enable smarter interactions, improve safety and help automakers to personalize offerings, we are democratizing vehicle experiences. Check out this video where CEO HARMAN, Dinesh Paliwal, joins BNN Bloomberg's Greg Bonnell, highlighting what’s in store for next-generation connectivity in cars and why we measure a vehicle’s value in experience-per-mile.


Connected Ecosystems and Intelligent Automation 



Each of the technologies that were on display at our connected vehicle experience showcase was designed to work together. Showcasing how OEMs and automakers can combine our solutions to offer the perfect blend of information and entertainment and greater connectivity, typically managed by a single control unit.


Automotive Operations Center (AOC) for OEMs and suppliers 


picture3.pngIn the most vital zone of the displays of the immersive environment for CES 2019, HARMAN demonstrated how intelligence drives the ownership experience. Acting as the central nervous system controlling the connected experience, The Automotive Operations Center (AOC) displayed how it empowers OEMs and supply chain partners to gain significant control over the users’ experience, creating customers for life. 


HARMAN Ignite 3.0 to Transform Automotive Experience 


picture4.pngHARMAN Ignite 3.0 platform displayed how easy it is for OEMs to improve their product flexibility. By introducing smart features such as a vehicle-centric marketplace, intelligent personalization, virtual assistant and advanced navigation with point-of-interest (POI) search – OEMs can deliver a more connected and friendlier driving experience. What's more? Ignite 3.0 now comes pre-integrated with Samsung SmartThings support. This allows users to control smart devices, such as a home security system, garage door or thermostat from their vehicles - adding to the digital ecosystem experience.


HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit 


picture5.pngThe Digital Cockpit demonstrated how it made drivers feel more comfortable with future-mobility technology. The onboard cameras recognize specific drivers and passengers and sets up the vehicle's personal space accordingly. Also, the mirror replacement vision system and camera-based safety solutions provide a safer driving experience. We are harnessing the power of deep learning and analytics to offer users the ultimate in-vehicle experience. Read more.


ADAS Sensing Technologies to Improve Safety


picture6.pngOEMs and automakers viewed our newly enhanced suite of sensing technologies with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It features a cabin monitoring system, Augmented Surround View via multiple cameras and a control unit to manage data. The demos showcased how HARMAN is endowing users with a 360-degree view of their cars, improving safety.


Smart Audio to Enhance Communication 


picture7.pngHARMAN’s new Premium Communications solution featuring In-Car Communication (ICC), ClearChat, Personal Communication Zones and Multi VPA Capability showed how it elevates in-car communication experiences. Incorporating the latest advancements in smart audio and acoustic signal processing, it facilitates clear, frustration-free conversations for all occupants in a vehicle - with each other, with digital voice assistants and with external call recipients. Read more.


HARMAN SmartAuto Suite of Products


picture8.pngHARMAN SmartAuto Suite of Products acts as add-ons after the original sale of the vehicle offering comfort, convenience, performance, safety, and customization to the drivers and vehicle owners powered by ubiquitous connectivity. While Harman Smart/Auto: Telematics Application Gateway Device enables connectivity to vehicles that are currently not connected, Connected Headunit eXperience helps automotive OEMs to quickly offer the latest technology in Infotainment to the owners of their vehicles. HARMAN also launched other effective smart vehicle accessories such as Wireless Charging Module to enable in-vehicle wireless smartphone charging and Connected Automotive Dashcam, an onboard camera for both the front view as well as the driver view and enables remote vehicle surveillance features.


J.D.Power Alliance – Voice of Vehicle Solution


picture9_0.pngInitial vehicle quality is paramount to any OEM. Understanding “What” went wrong, in context with the “When, Where and Why” will accelerate problem resolution, and lead to the design of smarter cars. HARMAN formed an alliance with J.D. Power® to improve the vehicle quality with the help of J.D. Power Voice of the VehicleSM (VoV) solution. Using VoV, an OEM can receive both the survey feedback and the supporting vehicle data simultaneously for an in-depth analysis of a potential quality issue.  Reviewing customer feedback with the actual vehicle data at the time of the survey event facilitates precision diagnostics as well as expedited updates.


Delivering Human-Centered Designs


picture10.pngDesign has always been central to HARMAN. Combining our capabilities in design, technology, and strategy, we displayed unique solutions that traverse the digital, physical and environmental experiences. To know how we are helping businesses deliver aesthetic beauty and meaningful designs with long-lasting relevance, read more



Connected Audio Services


picture11.pngAimed at helping enterprises build, test and deploy voice-enabled solutions or create conversational experiences, we unveiled HARMAN eNOVA - an AI-powered Voice Assistant platform. It offers multi-language support and provides flexible deployment options, either on-premise or on the cloud. 




We also showcased the JBL LIVE headphone, Harman Kardon Citation: a next-generation home speaker, Personi-Fi: the world's first hardware-agnostic personal audio platform that captures user's personal sound preferences, Sprint Magic Box: a wireless small cell solution that boosts in-home LTE coverage to a packed audience.


AI, 5G, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things dominated the conversations at CES and HARMAN made a statement by revealing the various ways we are bringing innovative new experiences to consumers wherever they are. HARMAN will continue to foster the new data economy by investing in emerging tools and technologies to empower consumers and establish the next generation of connected products and experiences.​​