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Why the digital business is evolving by the day: forecasting from a retrospect

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Digital transformation, is no longer what it used to be owing to the extent that business have seamlessly broken barriers between the physical and online world.

​​Digital Transformation began by unequivocally claiming that businesses needed a digital presence to cater to the always online customer. Eventually, the transformation provided them borderless transitions between devices, platforms, and infrastructure. Consistently seeking outfit to purpose tools, companies are re-looking their infrastructure modernization strategies to stay ahead of the time in a digital and connected world.


At the recent Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit 2017 in Hilton Orlando, Florida, HARMAN along with a panel of industry leaders who have successfully navigated their digital transformation shared some of their secrets in accelerating transformation in a connected world.


Here are the key takeaways from the summit:

  1. Digital is not dying out anytime soon. Statistics reveal that 50% of CEOs say their industry will be digitally transformed by 2020 while 46% of product value will be digital. With strong hopes pinned on rapid transformation, Agile Development and DevOps are the way forward in helping industries move towards their goals faster.
  2. Customer will be the key drivers of digital transformation. A digital customer, is a modern customer, and the ones who are critical to your sales and delivery. Organizations are keenly focused on creating seamless interactions between the technology, partner, service providers and the customers to ensure that customer experiences are seamless across the board.
  3. Ignorance of sensors and IoT led tracking is as good as ignorance of digital initiatives. The ideal IoT business solution is tailored to streamline data across various sources and deliver insights via IoT endpoints to business units and customers. This data, if deciphered right is the elixir that propels your business into success for a digital world. Never a bad idea to place aggressive bets on IoT Infrastructure.
  4. APIs are the glue that holds the different ends of your business together. Allowing applications or devices to integrate with other apps or devices, simply makes the streamlining and processing of data much simpler and faster. The greater the sources, the more accurate the decision-making ability.
  5. Automate processes, let’s face it, it’s much simpler. Businesses that have invested in process automation through digital technologies have had greater success in being able to focus on operational aspects that help them identify newer channels of revenue and reduce costs. Enough said!

While these merely graze the surface of how digital businesses are steering ahead of the curve, the key towards transforming into a truly digital business lies in the ability to find the right partner who shares the same vision and is able to accelerate your time to market. At HARMAN, our experience of nearly seven decades has helped propel various industries to success by helping them navigate their digital transformation journey. 


It’s alright if you missed us during the Gartner IOSS Summit, we’re always happy to talk to you and a conversation about digital transformation, you have our attention already!


Drop us a line by clicking here and our transformation specialists will be in touch with you shortly.