Transform your world with smart connected products and new experiences

From smart buildings to smart cities, IoT is transforming industries at a rapid pace. Organizations seek to enter new markets, create disruptive business models, develop new products or drive differentiated customer experiences with IoT.


HARMAN’s expertise from device to cloud and enterprise applications to big data analytics enables us to architect and implement end-to-end secure commercial-ready IoT solutions at a larger scale. Our solutions integrate the best of HARMAN and industry components to provide seamless actionable insights.


With over 1200 IoT specialists, 10+ accelerators, 50+ technology partners servicing 50+ active enterprise customers, we support over 500 sensors across six key IoT verticals. Decision makers can focus on maximizing their market opportunity, while we supply, install and manage devices, gateways, platforms, and applications.

Achieve a higher level of digital transformation through innovative business models

HARMAN's IoT solution portfolio spans system integration, sensor, gateway, and cloud solutions, connectivity, user experience, and analytics. By integrating the best of our own and industry components, ensuring a single point of accountability, and delivering a complete, end-to-end service for a range of verticals; we help you reach the market faster and deliver IoT solutions that define best practices and exceed expectations. From tracking the flow of people and traffic density to monitoring fluctuations in office temperature, crop moisture levels, traffic or patients’ vital signs, we manage over a thousand data points. With no barriers to compatibility or connectivity, the potential for HARMAN’s solutions is endless.


Industrial IoT

Organizations may now chart their course in the connected universe of smart factories and industry 4.0 with HARMAN's industrial IoT services. HARMAN specializes in building aware, autonomous systems that integrate with legacy industrial protocols such as MODBUS, BACnet, and SNMP, and deliver actionable, real-time data and insights. System administrators can power up flexible automation with remote monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation. They may also use real-time analytics for production planning, inventory management and gathering instant feedback from users and market. 


Smart Retail

Organizations can rewrite the rules of their retail business with HARMAN’s smart retail solutions. With HARMAN’s in-store solutions such as smart display and smart cooler, retailers can manage inventory in real time, while non-intrusive footfall and dwell-time sensors and IoT mobile applications offer market insights that elevate the customer experience, enhance convenience levels, and influence online and in-store behaviors. HARMAN’ enables businesses to comprehend their customers better and create differentiated experiences to build customer loyalty. 


Connected Buildings

Organizations can unlock their infrastructure potential with HARMAN's connect buildings solution. Operational technology leaders can monitor and control disparate buildings with a single platform that leverages connected technologies. The connected platform allows businesses to automate issue detection and remediation across all their buildings. HARMAN’s managed services for smart buildings help organizations save energy, increase safety, boost productivity, and enhance occupant comfort. Commercially deployed by commercial real-estate firms across the US and Europe, our solutions include non-intrusive, in-building occupancy counts, mobile-device location determination, and Wi-Fi radiation maps.


OTA Software

By delivering firmware updates over-the-air (OTA), devices can be supported under bandwidth limited and memory constrained IoT environments. HARMAN’s OTA shrinks the file size of the firmware update to a 10th for successful delivery. HARMAN's OTA software reduces response times, enhances product quality and user experience, improve security and boost performance. Organizations can bring down post-sales service costs and drive brand assurance with our simplified OTA software.


IoT Security

The connected ecosystem brings with it diverse sets of devices, capabilities and network protocols posing complex operational and security challenges. HARMAN's IoT Security solutions blend modern identity management and encryption technologies to help you build connected systems with trust at their roots. We help address data, infrastructure and identity security across environments and devices through their lifecycle


HARMAN's IoT solutions allow businesses to focus on outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey. HARMAN’s end-to-end IoT solution portfolio with coverage over sensors, gateways, cloud, connectivity, user experience, and analytics benefit organizations.

  • Device Management

    Organizations can remove security issues and enjoy safe, stable management of all devices.

  • Edge Analytics

    Decision makers can draw insights from HARMAN’s verticalized, innovative, real-time edge analytics solutions.

  • Secure Ecosystem

    Businesses can safeguard themselves through HARMAN’s end-to-end safety net services for transactions and connections across the ecosystem.

  • Engineering Services

    HARMAN’s capabilities and industry partnerships across hardware, software, and the Cloud enable organizations to gain a competitive edge.

  • Standards Compliant

    HARMAN’s automated management helps enterprises to manage compliance across multiple standards easily.



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