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With the rapid transition to remote work, distance learning, and telehealth, ubiquitous high-speed connectivity is now woven into the fabric of everyday lives. IoT applications, systems, and devices of today require low latency and high-speed data processing to quickly meet the requirements of digital natives. ​​

Embedding communications and intelligence at the edge can ensure the current demand for high throughput, low latency processing through 5G-based smart consumer and enterprise devices can be met. Modern IoT deployments such as eSIM management, smart femtocell, LTE UE relay, digital voice assistant solutions, and more can help provide seamless experiences even at a remote capacity.​

How we help

From hardware design, firmware, middleware, embedded application development to device verification and certification, HARMAN embedded services across the telecom ecosystem can help you address the digital needs of your customers.
Device transformation
5G-based AR-VR Devices
Smart femto with digital voice AI

HARMAN wins Next Gen Product of the Year at NASSCOM Engineering & Innovation Excellence Awards 2021

HARMAN Amplify was recognized for its unique and industry-first convergence of LTE Small Cell, digital voice AI, and IoT.

HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Voice-activated digital assistant to elevate cruising experiences
See how we helped a leading global cruise line communicate cruise-related information seamlessly with its onboarded guests via a first-of-its-kind digital concierge.
Enhancing low-vision experiences with AR/VR devices
See how we helped create a sleek and versatile AR/VR headset with best-in-class features to help people with low-vision experience the world better.
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What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Leverage AR and VR to drive effective customer experiences.
Unleash innovation at edge with 5G connectivity.