HARMAN Connected Services

Our platforms for building your connected business


IoT in a Box - Low-code IoT Platform
HARMAN IoT in a Box is equipped to draw your machine landscape within minutes. Connect to the universal IoT gateway that supports all standard industrial protocols.
Intelligent Healthcare Platform - Patient Centric Solution
A platform that helps healthcare and life sciences organizations provide personalized customer-centric services.
DefenSight - Cybersecurity Platform
A cybersecurity asset management platform built to offer end-to-end secure strategies against potential IT/OT data breaches.
AccuAlertMe - Contract Tracing Solution
Add secure contact tracing and movement tracking to keep work environments safe with the AccuAlertMe cloud-based platform.
5G Test Lab - 5G Test Solution
Test and validate your products and networks, faster than ever, with end-to-end testing at the HARMAN 5G Test Lab in an automated, independent, and real 5G environment.
CASTANET - Enterprise Product Suite
Securely manage your critical enterprise data and end-points with an integrated IoT device management platform.
eNOVA - Voice Assistant
Harness the power of voice AI with HARMAN eNOVA to create superior contactless experiences and deliver actionable insights on customer data.
Amplify - Smart Femtocell
A unique convergence of LTE small cell, a voice assistant, and IoT, HARMAN Amplify offers enhanced coverage and great experiences.
Media Suite - Video Content Management Solution
Deliver engaging content to users through video solutions for enterprises, with frictionless recording, streaming, content organization, sharing and more.
Remote Care Platform (RCP) - Virtual Care Solution
Improve care delivery efficiency across care settings with connected care solutions. Carry out remote patient monitoring with data-driven insights.
Smart Vending - Contactless Vending Solution
Deliver a personalized, safe experience with contactless vending that helps you track purchases with vision AI and eliminate checkout queues.
Smart Mirror - Personalized User Experience Solution
Win your customers over with advanced interactive, personalized, and immersive experiences, delivered right to their mirrors.