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​The growing demand for hyper-connectivity and unified communication among employees has ushered an influx of collaboration solutions, spurred by the advancement in technology. As distributed organizations become the norm, integrating services and solutions that encompass a remote workforce while also accommodating bandwidth, quality of service components, and security, is of utmost importance. You need solutions that harness deep domain expertise across multiple technology disciplines such as cloud, DevOps, AI/ML, 5G, and UI/UX.

Leverage our services designed to unify devices, locations, databases, and more to create streamlined interfaces for your workforce.​

How we help

Our product development DNA, global presence and mature delivery practices has helped customers with a faster launch cycle aided through Agile development and automation.
Strategic partner for platform and device engineering
Cloud services for business transformation at speed
Integrating business applications
Solution integration and interoperability
Microsoft Teams deployment and managed services

HARMAN earns top ratings for 6 consecutive years in Zinnov Zones 2021 ER&D and IoT Services

HARMAN bags 12 leader positions in ER&D Services and 3 in IoT Services.

HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Intelligent Video Collaboration - Shaping the New Virtual Workplace
How this will impact the workplace as we know it is still up for debate. But one thing is for sure. This fundamental shift in the way we work will drive the demand for better video collaboration through the roof. It will become imperative for the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) industry to continually innovate and adapt to the evolving user requirements.
Video Conferencing Experience made truly interoperable
See how we made the Video Conferencing Experience truly interoperable, with consistent user experience, regardless of the hardware using commercially available collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.
State-of-the-art ODC to accelerate transformation in UC&C infrastructure and devices
See how we partnered with a leading UC&C provider to expedite their communication and collaboration-based product roadmap by building a cost-effective solution with end-to-end product engineering, sustenance and support services.
Bringing classes up to speed with video collaboration
See how we helped a premier public technical and research university upgrade their Cisco VC infrastructure to record and deliver video lectures.
End-to-end product engineering to meet goals cost-effectively
We delivered multiple complex programs for a leading UC & Collaborations solutions provider to help them reduce costs and meet time-to-market demands.
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Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Paving the way for more intuitive and dynamic business operations.
Creating Powerful Teams : A guide to get more out of Microsoft Teams.
Collaboration tools for workers everywhere.
Unified Communications for Business Innovation and Efficiency.