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As digital takes over the physical, we need to stay connected now more than ever. But what if we could take it one step further?

From remote collaboration platforms and intelligent devices to system-on-a-chip design, connectivity is not just about the here-and-now. It’s about anticipating how far our connected systems can take us into the future.

At HARMAN, we ask what technology can do to strengthen your connections. In creating Life-ware for better connectivity, we deliver solutions that help you reimagine what you can achieve through communication and collaboration.

HARMAN DTS wins big at the NASSCOM Engineering & Innovation Awards 2021

Awards honored extraordinary contributions of the Indian Engineering, Research & Development (ER&D) community.

HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Advancing IoT Security with multi-tier solutions
Know how we partnered with Entrust to explore the IoT opportunity, identify business engagement models and establish leadership in IoT-security domain.
Transforming Enterprise Network Management with Next-Gen SDN Solutions
Read how we transformed Enterprise Network Management with Next-Gen SDN Solutions for an open networking and next-gen software leader. Know how our Strategic Partnership enabled automating the complete Network Lifecycle thus ensuring faster testing cycle and improved release timelines.
State-of-the-art ODC to accelerate transformation in UC&C infrastructure and devices
See how we partnered with a leading UC&C provider to expedite their communication and collaboration-based product roadmap by building a cost-effective solution with end-to-end product engineering, sustenance and support services.
Pushing the limits of 5G and automated vehicle connectivity
In enabling 5G-enabled vehicle-to-everything, we helped a communication pioneer strengthen its MEC capabilities.
Harnessing cutting-edge tech for workforce collaboration
In building a multi-tenant interoperability gateway, we helped organizations boost their video conferencing infrastructure.
Channeling AI towards exceptional chip making
In helping a global chipmaker reduce test cycle times and costs by 40%, we also helped set up an award-winning end-to-end test center for processor validation.

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