Video content management system HARMAN

Create engaging video experiences that come alive

Modernize video communication with fast, on-demand solutions that run on enterprise-level cloud marketplaces

Build a streamlined video network for your people

While video communication is mission-critical to build a connected, digital workplace, it comes with the security risks of remote connectivity. 

You need HARMAN Media Suite to increase data protection and easily manage video communication across distributed organizations. Leverage AI-based facial recognition, native eCDNs, and in-built compatibility for new or existing conferencing and LMS platforms. Achieve the synergy of recording, editing, live or on-demand streaming, and casting with a single tool. 

Support remote learning​​​​​​​​​​​, training, communications, and knowledge management initiatives cost-effectively, with creative collaboration.​

Avoid re-activation charges!

Renew your Annual Maintenance Contract before the expriation date.

Delivering the future of education with video content management

Enabling hybrid education with sophisticated collaboration tools, crowdsourced content for personalized learning plans and assessment, Smart eLearning TV apps and AI for effective learning.

HARMAN DTS is a leader in Provider Lens™️ for Internet of Things Services and Solutions Report 2021

ISG recognizes HARMAN as a Leader in IoT Consulting and Services, Connected Mobility, Consulting and Services.

How we make it happen

Create, share, and stream high impact videos like a pro with our enterprise recording, webcasting, and portal solution.
HARMAN Connected Services

Key customers

HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

HARMAN Media Suite enhances Cisco VC capabilities
See how we've helped organizations across government, public universities, and banking & insurance enhance their Cisco VC infrastructure.
Seamless content management for public education
We helped a public educational institution enable training sessions for easy offline viewing on Microsoft Azure.
Multicast streaming to support 5000+ enterprise users
We helped a natural gas company to record 5 concurrent meetings in full HD live streaming and multicast streaming to 5000 audience.
Cloud-based VC tool integration for on premise media suite
See how we helped a financial institution enhance recording and on-premises storage, and integrate with the latest Video Conferencing tools.
Easy-to-use video repository for medical community
We helped a medical school to record and store files that can be easily edited and shared with the relevant user community.

Our unique capabilities to create transformation

Modernized video content management platform
Robust eCDN
Cloud & On-Prem Deployment Options
Integration with the latest VC tools

Enhance existing cloud-based VC with secured and rich video content management capability

Transform meetings and events with secured on prem content. Enhance existing VC solutions such as Zoom,Teams, Webex.
Unlock the power of cloud with Media Suite on Azure®​
Enhanced VC Integration Footprint
Use a comprehensive Media Suite on-the-go
Build Learning Tool Interoperability with ease
Video AI
Seamless integration with all Cisco VC Solutions
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Indian Judiciary Goes Digital: How Livestreaming and Video AI transforms Court Proceedings
Augmenting the eCommerce business with high-quality video engagements.
How a comprehensive audio-visual solution can inspire workplace excellence across teams.
Solution Brief
Accelerating the move to digital and AI for the Indian Judiciary
Next Generation Video Content Management Platform Powered by AI/ML and Cloud.
HARMAN Media Suite for Education.
An all-in-one end-to-end enterprise video solution.
Reimagining the future of Education with Avasant.