Smart industry

Deliver what customers need today with factories of the future

Create resilient products with cost-effective processes using technology like AI, digital twins, AR-VR, and more.

Customize product experiences for the connected customer

​​​Today’s digital native customers expect high-quality, reliable products at reduced costs. The shop floor needs to be digitally transformed with interconnected systems, AI-based learning, data security, scalability, and adaptability-based models to achieve this. We help you answer their dynamic needs with ‘factories of the future,’ integrated with AR/VR, digital twin technology, 3D printing solutions, and more. 

Modernize your industrial and manufacturing processes with technology solutions that reduce time-to-market and costs in product development. Increase visibility across enterprise applications to provide customers with customized and scalable products using smart industry solutions.​​

How we help

Smart manufacturing solutions from HARMAN are designed to simplify the technological disruptions that can overwhelm supply chain and shop-floor management, warehousing, distribution, and customer service.
Internet of Things
Enterprise Product Suite
Augmented and Virtual Reality

"HARMAN DTS make operations relevant not just from the production line perspective but across the utility curve and experience lifecycle. The strong partnerships help in building and delivering these integrative operations value propositions."

- Lead Analyst, ISG Research

HARMAN earns top ratings for 6 consecutive years in Zinnov Zones 2021 ER&D and IoT Services

HARMAN bags 12 leader positions in ER&D Services and 3 in IoT Services.

How we make it happen

Build factories of the future, prototype products for better outcomes, AR/VR enablement, digitize the manufacturing process, hyper automation, robotics, RPA, ensure worker safety, wearables for surveillance and collaboration.
Enabling Digital Transformation
HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Delivering advanced engineering services for a leading cloud infrastructure company
See how we delivered advanced engineering services for a leading cloud infrastructure company; empowering the industry leader to focus on next-gen products.
Integrated Energy Management Solutions For A Sustainable World
Read how we enabled Integrated Energy Management Solutions by bundling Hardware and Software Services to drive business growth. Thus, the organization was able to increase its customer base across the world, generate more revenue, and grow their business multifold.
A one-of-a-kind offshore ERP rollout transforms 54 business entities worldwide
Know how a one-of-a-kind offshore ERP rollout transformed 54 business entities worldwide enabling higher revenue, efficient process workflows, improved timelines and productivity.
Improving agri-yield using connected seed trials & digital twin technology  
Explore how we helped a global provider of agricultural science and technology address low yield issues with crop intelligence using digital twin coupled with our farm-to-command center solution.
An adaptive workspace application to navigate safe employee-return to offices
Know how we helped a leading automobile manufacturer to develop a room-booking and scheduling system that allows employees to book sanitized meeting spaces across their office campus.
Mitigating safety risks in factories with the Internet of Eyes
See how HARMAN helped a leading provider of technology in the oil and gas industry gain a view of their shop floors with video AI and real-time analysis.
Connected systems to enhance building fire safety services
See how we helped a Fortune 500 fire safety solutions company provide 360° view into sites, helping safety managers ensure sites are operating safely.
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Digital Twin - Optimizing Manufacturing Processes with Revolutionized Information Management
Use cases
HARMAN Life-ware - Redefining the Future of Workspace Safety
Digital Platform Engineering for Factories of the Future
Leveraging AR and VR to drive seamless customer experience across industries.
Implementing technology and innovation for smart manufacturing.
Optimizing manufacturing with modeling and simulation.