Scaling Precision in Decision Making

In a competitive ecosystem, speed is everything. Robust enterprises rely on rapid decision-making. Faster decision-making is simplified with smart, personalized and automated insights.


Analytics allows us to build trust in data, monetize, and automate decision-making. Creating a scalable analytics layer for your business, however, can be complex. Whether it is revenue enablement, customer engagement, operations automation, or cost efficiency optimization, HARMAN analytics experts can guide decision makers with precision and at scale.


The success of analytics in business is a function of understanding the vision of an automated and connected end-state as much as it is a function of customizations specific to every company. Diverse global enterprises rely on HARMAN’s analytics and big data service to gain and sustain a strategic competitive advantage. HARMAN’s understanding of decision-making across business verticals combined with the implementation experience of large connected data systems, facilitate HARMAN to offer solutions that deliver more dollars per data unit. At HARMAN, 1500+ professionals skilled in data management, data science and commercial and open source technologies focus on enabling business outcomes through solutions that can anchor business strategies across both customer engagement and operational efficiency.


Advisory and Consulting

Organizational maturity dictates the pace of its transformation in the digital data and analytics journey. Impact of any poor decisions made around analytics and data in the early stages of the journey can inhibit business growth in the long run, sometimes irreversibly. From defining the right data architectures, betting on the right platforms and tools, and tracking your evolution along the analytics maturity curve, HARMAN’s experts can put together the right analytics program for an enterprise.


  • Analytics maturity model
  • SAS to R Migration
  • Data architecture and tool selection


Business Intelligence

Data has always been fundamental to businesses. Digital enterprises have evolved with data at scale, the pressure to monetize, need for real-time insights and a cross-organizational data layer at its foundation. Business intelligence is a sustained effort in applying business context to data and drawing insights that can be operationalized. New data sources have to be on-boarded continuously; business silos have to be broken, all without compromise on data quality. At HARMAN, we put data to work for organizations in distributed workloads, help enterprises avail insights as a service, and provide a personalized enterprise view.


  • BI COE
  • Distributed data management
  • Insights as a service
  • Visualization and dashboards


Big Data Management

HARMAN enables real-time insights for decision making, a capability that is the result of processing structured and unstructured data from within the enterprise and third-party data sources. Decision makers can gain better business visibility and operational intelligence from a command center like single-view of the business.

HARMAN’s tenets of secure/efficient data pipelines, cloud-first approach, robust MDM and real-time monitoring of systems define our big data solutions. Furthermore, HARMAN’s proprietary big data platform prevents data proliferation and enables automation.

  • Single view of customer
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Scale on Cloud/on-premise
  • Migration from EDW to big data 

Data Science

High-performing businesses have invariably unlocked the potential of customer, operations and competitor data from multiple online and offline sources. HARMAN’s data science capabilities have helped several Fortune 500 companies discover user patterns and turn it into business value.

From understanding and preempting customer behavior to predictive maintenance and operational optimization, HARMAN builds models and solutions for several business cases. By incorporating machine learning and deep learning into operationalized business models, HARMAN’s data science solutions only become more efficient, personalized and context-sensitive.


  • Personalization
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Operationalization of models, machine learning, deep learning

Customer Analytics

In the era of the segment of one, personalization is key to every product or service. At HARMAN, we provide decision makers the controls to drive a differentiated and consistent omnichannel experience while providing a holistic view of their customers. 

HARMAN uncovers new revenue opportunities, focusing on creating consumable bundles of insight drawn from customer behavior, consumption patterns, social sentiment and market response. Operational technology leaders can segment their customers, optimize pricing, forecast demand, monitor loyalty and gauge effectiveness of go-to-market strategies with HARMAN’s customer analytics services.


  • Customer 360
  • Marketing analytics
  • Pricing analytics
  • Omnichannel attribution
  • Demand/supply forecasting
  • Web analytics


Data Platforms

A robust data platform is a central pivot to any analytics strategy. At HARMAN, we build platforms that resolve several challenges – maximizing returns on existing investments on enterprise data warehouse, extracting and ingesting heterogenous data, monitoring data integrity and quality, preventing data proliferation and enabling automation and scale. Administrators can lay down the foundations and traverse the digital journey to a connected ecosystem with HARMAN’s data platform services.


  • Bridging the divide (EDW to Big Data)
  • Distributed workloads
  • Data management factory (ETL/L1/L2/L3)
  • Data quality and governance
  • Scale on Cloud



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