We Co-Engineer the Connected Ecosystem

Our services range from co-engineering services to helping ISVs determine the ROI and profitability of specific solutions and managing the product roadmap through a project outcome-based engagement. We may also license solutions, taking full responsibility for the future success of the solution, eliminating risk to the ISV and delivering innovative products to end-users.

Solutions for the Connected Ecosystem

Connected Health

Population health management using connected devices, intelligent platforms and predictive insights.

  • Improving clinical decision making at the point of care through real-time information flow by receiving real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Care delivery throughout the treatment cycle.
  • Drive measurable medication adherence with rewards, education and fun


Connected Retail

Transform business operations with the nexus of software, analytics and cloud.

  • End to end product transformation and modernization roadmap aligned with business objectives.
  • Customer centric business processes from ecommerce, CRM, supply chains and marketing.
  • BI Factory generating Big Data and customer insights at the rate of 1 report per hour and serving more than 95% of Fortune 500 retailers and CPG companies.


Minimum Viable Product

Ship Fast. Iterate Faster.
Building your product or modern app shouldn’t take 9 months or cost a million dollars. Our agile approach to product development helps you ship a rapid prototype to market quickly, so you can test the features on your customers and incorporate the aspects they love, to your product. Go to market fast, understand their sentiments and rapidly iterate your product to provide the features that matter the most to your end consumer.


Cloud based product development

Scale with the power of cloud.
Our expertise on cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS help you optimize your products for reduced costs, quicker deployment and faster time to market. Let the cloud handle your surge and scale according to your needs while you focus on what matters to you the most, your customer!


API led engineering

We move fast. Really fast.
APIs provide the fabric to connect the enterprise applications together, enabling exchange of information between them and the application.
We build well defined APIs that are appealing to developers in terms of ease of use and clear terms of service. Our expertise helps modernize legacy applications to mitigate costs and risks while facilitating information exchange.

User Experience

Engineering Experiences that matter.
Our design thinking approach, puts the customer at the forefront of your product engineering. We assess and assimilate the end user experience to provide features and interfaces that are nothing short of awesome! Our expertise in customer engagement provides seamless usability, and accessibility so that your product engages your customer at every touch point across every channel.


Success Stories

OUR MAP OF Product Engineering Lifecycle

  • Product Ideation

    Our product transformation and ideation assets can change your business.

  • Product Development

    Cut costs and shorten new product time-to-market.

  • Minimum Viable Product

    Ship your product with basic features in less than 9 months.

  • Product Testing

    Test your product for quality and reliability.

  • Cloud

    Create amazing applications using the power of the cloud.

  • User Experience

    Interact with your produce seamlessly with our UI/UX expertise.

  • API

    Build a product to software interface to integrate your product with the best of features.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Integrate people, data and processes for the best delivery of your product.


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