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The ISG Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report, released in March, named HARMAN as a leader in four key IoT serv

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Positioned as the worldwide leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) services we are connecting people, processes, and devices, creating remarkable, responsive surroundings and workspaces.

For several years HARMAN has been offering IoT solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises, OEMs, and individuals. This year, the ISG Research Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report has recognized our efforts to boost user experiences for our customers (and our customers’ customers) by expanding our IoT offerings across a variety of verticals. 


Click here to view our full press release.


The IoT Quadrant Report sorts through 26 of the leading IoT solution providers in the U.S. and identifies their prowess in five quadrants: IoT Services; Healthcare IoTConnected Cars IoT; Retail IoT; and IoT Platforms. While key competitors like Infosys and HCL were highlighted as leaders in two or three sectors, HARMAN earned recognition in four: General IoT Services, Healthcare, Connected Car, and Retail. 



Following its acquisition by Samsung, HARMAN has been able to extend its IoT service offerings to meet a wide variety of customer needs. From cloud transformation solutions to infrastructure management, HARMAN has solidified itself as both a key partner and provider when it comes to cutting-edge technology.  



With solutions and products ranging from patient and medical device monitoring to maintenance management to health-focused wearables, HARMAN is making waves in the healthcare space. Managing services, like over-the-air (OTA) updates that help us ensure data is being collected and updates are being deployed in real-time, have solidified our strong position in this domain.  



HARMAN’s expertise in the connected car space is well documented. Flexible and scalable cloud technology, plus the award-winning HARMAN Ignite platform, have allowed the company to offer diverse solutions that can be tailored to client needs. 29 global OEMs currently use Ignite but our 5,600 open patents for connected car technology and increasing dedication to R&D prove HARMAN will continue to grow as a leader in this sector. 



Providing personalized, optimized customer experiences has always been a key indicator of success for HARMAN. With solutions enhancing everything from back-office management to consumer-facing shelf stocking, HARMAN’s Smart Retail Solutions are able to display real-time insights and help predict shopper behavior, store traffic patterns and more. Optimized store energy costs and better collection of consumer behavior saves companies money and opens up a new world of opportunities. As we continue to assess and update services in real-time, develop new IoT middleware and edge analytics solutions, HARMAN is sure to stay at the top of its game.  


Click here to view the full ISG Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report.


As IoT becomes more embedded in our culture – and in every day of every industry – HARMAN is proud to be a trusted source for seamless, efficient IoT solutions. We have to thank our strong partner ecosystem, as well as our amazing staff who work day and night to improve R&D in every department, for helping us lead the pack in the digital economy.